Wikileaks Reveals Hillary’s Racist Remarks About Blacks are super predators

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This election just keeps getting worse. Yesterday a leaked recording of Donald Trump was published that had him making troubling comments about women, and now a document dump from Wikileaks reveals the deplorable things Hillary Clinton said about black people and Muslims.
When Julian Assange promised he had information that could affect the outcome of this election, he wasn’t kidding. We learned earlier today that in one of her Wall Street speeches worth a half of a million dollars, Hillary said her “dream” is to virtually destroy America by having a “hemispheric common market” where trade protections, tariffs, and other measures that ensure both the integrity and sovereignty of our economy would be abandoned for a world market.
After more digging into the document dump from Wikileaks, we learned Hillary is as racist as they come when she’s not under public scrutiny. A transcript from one of her speeches reveals her true feelings about both blacks and Muslims, and it’s hard to believe she actually said the things she did.
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Concerned over the ? What about @HillaryClintoncalling blacks and Muslims "professional never-do-wells"? That's RACIST!

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