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3rd Novermber, 2016

The emergence of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB is one of the greatest shock and mind- blowing dreams ever witness by the so called Igbo elders. will I say, they never saw it coming or is it the small boy mantra that clouded their sense of reasoning when the small boy came out of the blue. I think they never saw this small boy coming because that is how destiny works.

I have always asked myself why is it that the so called Igbo elders never believe in their children who have travelled wide and far. Besides, they told us that “a traveler is wiser than an old age”. If not the Nigeria circumstance, we found ourselves ' Nnamdi Kanu should by now have grandchildren. But they so called Igbo elders taught by calling Nnamdi kanu a small boy will have negative attribute or effects to the struggle for the restoration of Biafra rather it makes people to believe in the small boy more than before.

For those of you so- called elders calling Nnamdi Kanu a small boy, have you ever ask yourselves how old is Nnamdi Kanu? How old is Uche Mefor? How old is Uchenna Asiegbu? How old is Emma Nmezu? and many more die hard Biafrans who have championed this Biafra struggle to this stage that unseats your evil activities in Biafraland. What do you elders know and What did IPOB know?

If they so-called elders can glorify these small boys Messi, Ronaldo etc in the sport sphere but cannot glorify any of their kinds what does that mean? You glorify Obama who took power at the age of 47yrs, you glorify Bill Clinton who took power at the age of 46yrs, you bow to the youngest ever American president Theodore Roosevelt who became a president at the age of 42years still, you call Nnamdi kanu a small boy.

In the Arab world, the present Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamin is 36years and is leading his people to be on top of the world stage and you people will prostrate for him at any given time you come across him but for you Nnamdi Knau is a small boy.

Matteo Renzi the present Italian prime minister is 41yrs, Justin Pierre James the present Canadian president is 45yrs, while Kolinda Gradar , Croatia  president  is 48yrs, to mention but a few ,for you so called Igbo elders all those world leaders  mentioned above are all big people while Nnamdi Kanu is a small boy . This small boy is more intelligent, wiser and very educated than all those mentioned above.

 But for the clear reason that you so called –Igbo elders have dwell long in the home of evil, some of you are holding B.SC in Jealousy, some PHD in the field betrayal, a lot are professors of Saboteurs and evil practices you cannot see the leadership crown on Nnamdi Kanu who have come to liberate his people including you so called elders. Within the shortest period this small boy emerged he has restored the dignity, integrity and identity of his people which you people have sold long time ago. You so called Igbo elders sold the future of your children for peanuts and for the fact that this small boy Nnamdi Kanu came to restore all that you have sold ,that is why your pain and agonies  are unmeasurable.

Finally  I will like to draw this line for you so -called Igbo leaders, you don’t  have much option to choose from  now onward, IPOB and the small boy do not really care about  your stand on the Biafra struggle because you have killed  your children, you dance , dine  and urinate on the graves of our brothers and sisters together with the enemies of Biafra, you have shared the blood  money paid by the enemies  and laugh at your children with your shoulders high, it is time for your reward, choose from now on, death or exile because  we ,the  small boys will not feed you fat in the prison, in fact there is no prison for you people in Biafraland unless you change your evil ways.

To this end, we Biafrans would like the small boy Nnamdi Kanu to remain small in your eyes till Biafra is restored.

 It is Biafra or we all die fighting for Biafra

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