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COWS take over OWERRI AIRPORT runway


Tragedy was averted, yesterday, when a fully-loaded plane of Air Peace had to abort landing at Sam Mbakwe Airport, Owerri, when the pilot discovered that the runway had been invaded by cows. 
passenger aboard the flight, Mr. Richard Akinnola, who narrated the incident to popular media Vanguard, said the pilot was forced to hover around the airport until the runway was cleared by the airport security. The panic-stricken passengers, who initially thought the pilot deliberately aborted landing, applauded him on being told that a major disaster had been averted as the landing runway had been taken over by cattle. This is not the first time a major airport runway was invaded by cows. 
In a previous incident the Port Harcourt International Airport runway was sometime ago invaded by cows and an approaching Air France plane collided with some of the cows. The expertise of the pilot saved what would have been a tragic incident as the plane was only slightly damaged with passengers suffering shock. The Federal Government was saddled with the burden of repairing the damaged plane.

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