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Senators have secretly ganged-up to impeach Buhari while Vice President Osinbajo will complete remaining the tenure


For Nigerians, this is a video that President Muhammadu Buhari will never allow you to watch. For the Biafrans, it is a call for celebration of freedom and justice. For the Yorubas, they are secretly jubilating.

Let me introduce myself. I am Ebby Esperanx, a Hard-Core Biafran. I am committed to this recent ongoing Biafra Restoration Mandate (A Divine Mandate). But earlier today, I had a rethink.
We Biafrans allover the world are resolute in the Biafra Restoration Agenda. The Nigeria-Biafra civil war has ended. Nnamdi Azikiwe said 'No Victor, No Vanquish'. Since then till date, we know the victors, and we also know the vanquished.

Yet, Biafrans are growing stronger everyday in the presence of our non-proxy and proxy enemies. The leader of the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA (IPOB) still in detention while the Biafran Agitation is still advancing to a higher level than expected. Which simply means that Biafrans are resolute, united and focused on this course.

Yesterday, the Amnesty International has concluded their reports. They told the Nigerian Army that they killed 150 unarmed Biafran Agitators. Amnesty International first accused the Nigerian Army in March 2016 that they killed unarmed Biafran Agitators. The Nigerian Army denied the accusation. Amnesty International told the Nigerian Army to investigate into the Accusation. Also, Amnesty International gave the Nigerian Army over 270 videos where Biafran Agitators were killed to investigate; and gave the Nigerian Army 8 months to conclude their investigation because, they (Amnesty International) has concluded their investigation and report on the killings.

8 months has passed, the Nigerian Army went on bribing spree, as to stop the Amnesty International from declaring their report. With the just concluded declaration from the Amnesty International, the INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE (ICJ) and INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT (ICC) will summon President Muhammadu Buhari soon. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has already filed a case at the ICC and ICJ regarding to killings of the unarmed Biafran Agitators. The case file has been existing and pending; waiting for this final report from the Amnesty International.

I had a rethink because, I think some politicians are using this burning issue to unseat President Muhammadu Buhari. Buhari will be unseated just like Hosni Mubarak of Egypt who committed a similar crime of shooting and killing unarmed protesters.
I had a rethink because, the Senators from the West, Mid-West, Middle Belt, South-East and South-South, even some Northern Senators have secretly ganged-up to unseat/impeach President Muhammadu Buhari, while Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will complete the remaining tenure. They have been waiting upon this declaration from Amnesty International to enable them execute their plans.
I had a rethink because, in Nigeria, it is obvious that the tribal supremacy has been between the Hausas and the Igbos. The Hausas claiming they won the war; forgetting that the Western Forces, other Nigerian tribes and some foolish Igbos joined the fight against Biafra. Meanwhile, the Biafrans leaked their wounds and struggled under an atmosphere of hatred, intimidation, relegation and marginalization.
It is very clear that the Yorubas stay behind the Hausas to fight against the Igbos in all Nigeria's affairs. If the IPOB should insist that ICC and ICJ should set-up tribunal for President Muhammadu Buhari, just like they did to Hosni Mubarak; this means that Buhari must resign as a President and face the tribunal. Or, the National Assembly will call for the President to resign; or, he will face impeachment immediately, before going for the trial at ICJ and ICC.

I had a rethink because, if the resign/impeach/removal should hold, this means that the Igbos have removed an Hausa on seat, and bring in a Yoruba as the President of Nigeria.
I had a rethink for many other things to write about in future on this burning issue, but will stop for now.
The declaration from the Amnesty International has gone viral. All the international mega medias which has been dinning and winning with the Nigerian Government has reported the declaration from Amnesty International. Name them: CNN, EuroNews, AfricaNews, BCC, Aljazera, Press TV, France24, TV5Monde etc.

For you to confirm that the declaration from the Amnesty International is true and serious, in the video above, you will see where the Newscaster hooked-up on live telephone chat interview with Mr. Uche Mefor, the Deputy Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. It was a live telephone chat on AFRICANEWS today Friday, 25th November 2016. Here, I had another rethink. I asked myself a question. 'Can these International Mega Medias ever report events connected to Biafra?'
After I was made to understand that President Muhammadu Buhari alone will face the wrath of the ICJ and ICC, I had a rethink. I asked myself this question 'Is Buhari the only enemy of Biafra?'
I have a rethink (PART 2) Coming out soon!

Written By Writivist Ebby Esperanx.

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