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Trump revolt like Brexit. Obama’s Fall Took Globalism With It -By Micha Gefen


As Daniel Greenfield so eloquently stated: This wasn’t an election. It was a revolution. But what kind of revolution was it?  The Trump revolt like Brexit as well as Bibi’s reelection in 2015 were uprisings focused on tearing down the post Cold War system that has become known as globalism.
Like most leftists, Obama’s policies focused on creating a utopian reality without laying out any exact path to get there.  The Obama approach of demeaning national identity, sovereignty, and authority while boosting up elements associated with bad actors is an approach that strives to create as its end result a citizen of the world.

Here in Israel, Jewish pioneers have been berated by the international media, EU  bureaucrats, and most importantly Obama himself.  For the leftist academics and policy experts, Jewish pioneers are seen as an impediment to “a much needed Palestinian State.”  The globalists view the pioneers of Judea and Samaria much the same way they view blue-collar workers in the flyover country in America or those factory workers in Britain: stubborn racist simpletons willing to hold back progress for some archaic principles.

But this is not the case.  Globalists view the world as one giant utilitarian experiment where the ends justify the means.  Yet, despite their drive for control and manipulation, yesterday their dreams crashed and burned on the altar of reality.

Real America are those places that nurture the belief that America like Israel needs to stand for something far more essential than Hollywood, .Coms, or Jay Z.  America’s exceptionalism is due to the fact that it draws from the strength of Israel’s eternal covenant.  The more it seeks to uphold the divine moral code given to us from the Creator, the more it will flourish.

The Americans who won the election rejected the globalist vision that all countries are equal.  They rejected the idea that the Arab in Saudi Arabia and the Christian or Jew in America have the same worldview despite the fact that we are all children of the Creator. For a person who comes to America must decide to adopt biblical worldview which places the Almighty front and center one’s life decisions.

When we take away a nation’s specialness we render its citizens powerless. That was Obama’s mission from the beginning.  Obama almost succeeded until a reality TV star and real estate tycoon became the most unlikely leader of a revolt whose message, “This Land is Our Land!”
In many ways the current wave anti-globalism can be said to start not with Brexit, but with the Israeli elections that saw an unlikely leader in Bibi Netanyahu get reelected against all odds.  In fact, it was Obama and the international community that worked in overdrive to unseat him.  It was the Israeli leftist media who picked sides and tried to break the hope of the common man, but just like on Nov. 8th, the Israelis said no.  They said no to globalism and they demanded their country back.

The lessons from Bibi Netanyahu’s and Donald Trump’s victories is never to underestimate a person or nation’s desire to be true to itself and to chart its own course.  Man’s soul desires the freedom to choose, to learn, and to develop.  Government interference and antithetical to the process of Creation.  Without globalism, true freedom based on national sovereignty and individual rights has a chance to guide the world.

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