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Biafra: Indigenous People of Biafra slams FG, security agencies over Operation Stand Up Nigeria


By Chinedu Adonu 

ENUGU—PRO-BIAFRA group, Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has told the Federal Government, as well as the security agencies that they cannot pull a wool’ over their eyes and Nigerians by using what it called, a ‘non-existent group,’ to deceive Nigerians.

Criticising the Federal Government over a group called, ‘Stand Up Nigeria,’ IPOB said there is no organisation that goes by such name but a cooked-up group to puncture the Amnesty International report on the senseless killing of unarmed Easterners and IPOB members agitating for the emancipation of Biafra. The organisation in a statement signed by their Spokesman, Emma Powerful, posited that the Stand Up Nigeria, headed by one Rev. Christie Armor, was just a smokescreen to deceive the world not to believe the Amnesty International report on atrocities being committed by the army against Biafra agitators. 

The organisation had this to say: “The indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, worldwide and its Directorate of State, DOS, criticise the so-called Stand up Nigeria and the fake Rev. Christie Amor who never understands the meaning of Amnesty International report on the killing of unarmed members of IPOB. “The shameless strategy of propping up non-existing groups to make frivolous press statements in a spurious bid to cover up the blood stained activities of the oppressive Nigerian state has suddenly gotten to an embarrassing level. 

“One unknown group, which actually is a pseudonym for the public relations wing of a security service has been hired in an unsuccessful attempt to dilute the Amnesty International report backed up by videos, pictures/photos and live witnesses/direct victims of the attacks (which are currently trending all over the world). 

“The non-existent group branded Stand up Nigeria, led by an unknown “Rev” Christie Amor, fruitlessly embarked on an attempt to water down the impact of the damning Amnesty International report on extra judicial killings of Easterners/IPOB members by Nigeria’s military in the last twelve months. “Nobody has heard of Rev Christie Amor anywhere before now; the only Stand Up Nigeria anybody has ever heard of is the stand-up comedy shows held by Basket mouth and co.”

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