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Popular foreign social critic condemns Southern Kaduna killings, urges Nigerians to do the needful, break-up for peace to reign


 AS voices continue to criticize the killing of Christians in one of Nigeria's desert northern states, another popular social critic, Iyoha John Darlington, and columnist with The Nigerian Voice and a public commentator on national and global issues resident in the Scandinavians has decried the killing of Christians in Southern Kaduna by ethnic Fulani militia.

He stated this while speaking with our reporter in Sweden. He particularly faulted the verbal attack by the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs on the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and other well-meaning Nigerians who have risen to condemn the dastardly act.

According to him,''No fewer than 808 Christians were reportedly murdered in cold blood on Christmas eve by Janjaweed Fulani militia in one of Nigeria's desert north central states - Southern Kaduna to be precise but Nigeria's Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs says 'unknown elements' carried out the dastardly act without rising to condemn the horror unleashed on a people which has drawn angry reactions not only from well-meaning Nigerians but also from the international community.

Speaking further, he said there is no restating the obvious that Christians and Muslims can no longer co-exist and the recent unwarranted killing is a pointer to that fact.

His words: ''It is now very clear under the existing circumstances that Christians and Muslims can never co-exist in that failed contraption.
Never has the world witnessed this crying horror under the cloak of religion perpetrated by a tribe of devil-may-care Homo sapiens from an extinct barbarian tribe.''

President Buhari, he said, got to be Nigeria's president by ''a twist of sad fate'' and chided him for not rising to condemn the killings which he interpreted to mean tacit support of his kinsmen.

He said: One of them who has, by a twist of sad fate, become Nigeria's ruler did not rise swiftly to condemn this evil. So why would anyone in his right frame of mind criticize separatist movements in Nigeria when it is becoming increasingly clear that they can never co-exist? As strong as the then Soviet Union was it had no option but to break up into fragmentary Republics when they could no longer co-exist.

A visibly angry Iyoha John Darlington minced no words while rounding off by calling for an immediate break-up of Nigeria seeing that the contraption has failed.

''Is it not high time Nigerians came to their senses, toed that line and broke up peacefully along religious lines?''

''If you ask me, that's the best thing to do under the existing circumstances by parting ways with a simple handshake while remaining good neigbours if need be.''

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