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Failure to heed calls for restructuring will break up Nigeria - Prof Amucheazi warns


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As the call for restructuring continues to mount all over the country, a member and the National Secretary of the Igbo Leaders of Thought and Ohaneze Ndigbo, Prof Elochukwu Amucheazi has spoken about Igbo leadership, restructuring of Nigeria , federalism and the problems within the South East Governors’ Forum, SEGF.

He bared his mind in a chat with the Vanguard newspapers warning that Nigeria risks imminent disintegration it refuses the call for restructuring.

The Professor maintained that the Ndigbo would do not regret voting against Buhari and would do so again if he recontests in future elections while restating their preference for former President Jonathan should he at any time decide to stand in any elective office.

While answering questions, he said the use of force to hold people together has never yielded any fruitful dividend and overtime dictators have come and gone.

Below is an abridged version of the chat with the Vanguard.


Don’t you believe that some of these groups like IPOB and MASSOB are there because Nigeria has refused to be restructured?

It is obvious; there is consensus all over the country that we must go back to genuine federation. Everybody agrees that a few individuals are dragging their feet. It is not as if they don’t know that there must be restructuring. If you do not restructure, the country will disintegrate and it is as simple as that. Sooner or later, we will have what happened in other parts of the world- Central Africa, Europe and Asia and so on. Even the other day Britain was pulling Europe in a way, Scotland is even thinking about that and even the other day, California started saying its own. If you don’t restructure you cannot hold people down. I said it the other day that coercion or force has never held people together forever. Dictators have come and gone and there is a consensus that Nigeria has to be restructured.

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