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Outrage as Zahra Buhari says her father is a 'saint', curses her father's ill-wishers


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 Zahra Buhari, daughter of the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has lashed out at her father's critics and described them as the devil's children for wanting her father dead.

In one of her social media accounts, she said her father is stainless and wonder why such a man who neither drinks, smokes, womanises, steals should be wished dead by ill-wishers.

An angry daughter while rising to her father's defence did not mince words in laying a curse to her father's ill-wishers. Intriguing here is the fact that she admitted that her father is actually sick which the presidency has consistently denied.

Recall, the presidential spokespersons have both said the president is only on vacation and would use the opportunity to carry out medical check-ups, the results of the tests which he is expecting before returning to the country.

Below is a screenshot culled from one of her social media accounts:

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