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Remain grateful to GOD for giving us Buhari

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CHIEF Nyerere Anyim, a former national vice chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the South-east zone, has urged Nigerian to be grateful to God for the emergence of Buhari at this critical period of Nigeria's history.

Buhari, he said, is not responsible for the myriad of problems facing Nigeria while taking a swipe at the numerous president's critics for failing to tackle Nigeria's economic challenges head-on.

''Nigeria, as a matter of fact, would have been history by now had God not intervene for bringing Buhari adding that he met a government in Nigeria that was laden with rots which will take some time to fix',  Chief Anyim said.

His words: “The fight against corruption is just a segment of the things Buhari is doing. But you know that corruption is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the main fabrics of our socio-economic life.

“It is wrong to have the notion that it is only non-APC members that the corruption searchlight is beaming at. There is a proverb in my place that says ‘the ocean will not allow somebody it did not see his legs get drown in it.’

“Somebody will not eat and another person will just start purging; a good example is the Dasukigate. How many non-PDP members benefitted from that? How will you arrest somebody who was not part of the fraud? That is why it appears as if it is only PDP members that are being prosecuted.

“Yes, they are talking but nobody has mentioned anybody apart from their clique that benefited in the booty.”

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