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Buhari told to resign


 PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has been urged to resign from office as the President of Nigeria on the ground of incapaciation.

The call was made by  Abdulmumin Jibrin, suspended member of the house of representatives adding that Buhari no longer enjoys the support of the people having lost the intrinsic qualities that made Nigerians to vote him to power adding that the intermittent illness of the president has cost Nigeria of its tax payers' money.

Alternatively, he said his wife Aisha Buhari should be offered a chance to serve in a new cabinet, while her husband be allowed to nominate a new vice-president.

“PMB, TIME TO LET GO: So many issues are left unattended even small issues that a presidential cough can deal with are left hanging,” he wrote.
“Supporters are worried, understandably resorting to grumbling in hush voices while keeping bold faces and holding on to hope and prayers.

“At PMB’s age, working actively for over 50 years , even without his present health condition, his capacity will be greatly challenged.

“Mr president himself admitted that he has never been this sick in his entire life which makes the entire scenario really worrisome.

“Then we are reminded everyday that PMB will travel abroad again to attend to his health as if it is just normal and we should celebrate?

“I believe that the combination of these two factors of his age and health situation has slowed down the pace of PMB and the APC govt.

“Life and health belongs to God but the more I see pictures of Mr President, the more I am convinced he needs to go and rest. He needs it!

“PMB gave his all to Nigeria. He is a great man, an enigma like Mandela. If we truly love him, We must not allow him to be rubbished.”

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