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Human Rights group Amnesty Int'l under fire as more groups protest, demand expulsion from Nigeria


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More groups have thrown their weight behind recent calls for the sack of Amnesty International from the country owing to its claimed disreputable role in the current fight against Boko Haram in the North Eastern Nigeria.

This is even as leading human rights group, Save Africa and Restoration Agenda {SARA} has commended protesters who came out en mass during the week to call for the sack of Amnesty International and also sustain the pressure until the foreign NGO leaves Nigeria.

The group in a press statement signed by its Executive Secretary, Clifford Uba, took a swipe at “those who have taken parallel positions by supporting the infamous acts of propaganda against the state in favour of terrorists”.

They said those who have continued to support further accommodation of Amnesty International amidst obvious insensitive comments and propaganda against the efforts of the Nigerian Army, have lost their consciences long time ago and thus support the dishonest organization as their only ticket to free meals.

The statement stated further that the organization had lost its voice long ago when it decided to lower its moral standards for ethnic and sectional schema.

“We state clearly that, Amnesty International has lost its voice long time ago when it deliberately decided to bow down to the trappings of ethnic and sectional agenda in Nigeria being a foreign organization that should remain neutral in any sane society.

The group which further accused Amnesty International of advising the United States against selling arms to Nigeria without proper investigation has advised that rather than any more attempts to soil the nation’s image, the organization should tender apologies for its exposed lies that were sold in high places.

According to them the only thing remaining for Amnesty International to do now is to take up arms against the Nigerian State as it has done  everything within its powers to silence the federal government from protecting its own citizenry.

They have thus queried the rationale behind the attempts by the organization to bribe patriotic Nigerians who have decided to speak up in protest against their lies, while also reminding them that “no one is interested in their leprosy money acquired through shed of innocent blood across the globe”.

Meanwhile SARA has recommended that the Federal Government not only expels Amnesty International but it should also be made to pay reasonable compensation to the people and the Nigerian government for tarnishing the image of the country for whatever motive they intend to satisfy outside the shore of our country

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