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Igbo can never be President of Nigeria, Biafra only realizable by support of World Powers

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 PROFESSOR Nabi Coz Chaim Nwoye has said Igbo can never achieve their aim to produce the next president of Nigeria no matter how hard they try, Vanguard reports.

According to the Professor of of Hebrew History and  Etymology Department of Corner Stone University, Jerusalem, Igbo can only be president of Biafra if it ever becomes a reality.

He said, “Igbo man can only be a president of Biafra. I do not see the Igbo in the Presidency of Nigeria. Any Igbo man who wishes to contest to be president of Nigeria  is on his own. There will be no room for the Igbo man in the Presidency of Nigeria” Nwoye.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo had only recently called for the concession of the presidency of Nigeria in 2019 to the Igbo of the South-East as it is the only geo-political zone in the country that is yet to produce the president.

Speaking on the agitation for Biafra by some elements in the South-East, the professor ruled out the actualisation of the move unless it was supported by world powers like the United States, China, Germany and Israel. The Chief Rabbi said Nigeria needs a revolution to ensure that those who looted the nation’s treasury are made to pay for it.

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