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N'Delta militants drop bombshell few hours after Buhari's return to Nigeria


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FEW hours after President Buhari's return from a prolonged medical vacation in the United Kingdom, a coalition of four major militant groups in the Niger Delta has released a damning statement.

The militant groups under the auspices of Niger Delta Watchdogs, Niger Delta Volunteers, Niger Delta Strike Force and Niger Delta Warriors warned in Port Harcourt that the recent fact-finding tour of the region would only be meaningful on genuine consultations with the agitators or accredited representatives failing to do this would mean immediate return to the creeks.

The threat to attack South African companies operating in Nigeria was also included in the statement. A 30-day ultimatum was issued for all South African investments in Nigeria to vacate Nigeria or risk deadly attacks.

Expressing their discontent further, the groups said that there is every pointer to the fact that  the recent tour of the region by acting President Osinbajo was hijacked by the political class adding that they were shut out from various interactions the acting President had with stakeholders during the visit.

The statement reads: “Let it be known to the acting President that his fact-finding visit can only be meaningful when he hears from the agitators or their representatives.

“The visit of the acting President did not carry along the agitators in the arrangements; those who matter most in this fact-finding mission are the armed and the unarmed youths who are in the forefront of the agitation.

“They are the ones that have the capacity to do harm to the economy of the nation and yet, the government, in collaboration with their political parties, is alienating and shielding these potent forces from the acting President

“We demand that the acting President should invite the representatives of agitating groups to give first-hand information to him, as this will bring the desired long lasting peace to the region.”

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