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Stop your attack on Buhari - Presidency warns Nigerians, Biafra agitators, others


 The Presidency has issued a stern warning to Nigerians to stop their persistent attack on President Muhammadu Buhari with particular reference to attack on him on the social media.

The warning was issued by the Personal Assistant to the President on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie.

She noted that those attacking Buhari were those who were uncomfortable with Buhari’s anti-corruption fight and those against against his firm resolve to fight and keep the country together plotting to dismember the country with particular reference to separatist movements.

Onochie made the statement on her Facebook status update adding that despite the unwarranted attack, Buhari's political will to keep the country together amid growing insecurity, agitation remains strong and unchallenged.

The statement titled “These Attacks On the President Must Stop” reads, “At the risk of Sounding like a broken record, I will continue to insist that there are people who are uncomfortable with a President Buhari-led Presidency in our nation.

“This is because he has shown that he has the political will to tackle, especially, the corruption that created insecurity and economic recession in our nation.

“Their tactics include, hurling mud at those he appointed to be part of his team fighting to root out corruption, keep the country together as one indivisible entity and others. From the Vice President to the SGF, from the Minister of Finance to the “A” Chairman of EFCC, CG Customs to COAS. Those they cannot label Corrupt, they label inefficient, immature and arrogant.

“But are they acting in the overall interest of Nigerians? The facts point to a “No”.

“It’s a war against President Muhammadu Buhari and the war he is ably leading Nigerians to wage against Corruption. Where there are no issues, they manufacture one.

“DID THE SENATE SUMMON THE SGF?My answer would be, “No”! They invited him to an Open Hearing. It was the same invitation extended to members of the public. “ONCE MORE?”

“The first was a request for documents which were sent to them. This one is an invitation to a Public hearing. No mention was made in the letter, the reason why the SGF was invited to this hearing.

“Unless I do not understand English language, when you are invited to a Public hearing, it’s similar to being invited to a wedding or a Chieftaincy ceremony. You have a choice to attend, send a representative or not attend at all.

“If it was a SUMMON, it will say so, somewhere in the body of the letter. The content of the letter would be specifically tailored to ORDER or COMPEL the addressee to attend. He will be told what he was expected to do at the hearing.

“What I see in this letter is like inviting one to a hearing as an observer OR A VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTOR. This is what happens when you want to be the lawmaker and the law enforcer. They have stepped beyond themselves and they are struggling to wipe the mud they have on their faces.
“This is nothing but harassment and it’s great news the issue is now before a court of competent jurisdiction. And I hope Engr. Babachir Lawal is suing for serious damages and compensation too.

“The Senate is now falling into the habit of calling on the President to sack those he chose to work with him.

“The latest is Col. Hameed Ali, CG Custom. The President can sack anyone but it has to be his decision based on credible evidence of wrong-doing. He shouldn’t be hounded with “Sack this, sack that” because they want to give the impression that all the President’s men are corrupt.

“This war against the President’s war on corruption is bound to fail. It’s a war Nigerians elected President Muhammadu Buhari to wage and the war’s insecticides only kill insects! And there are a lot of insects in Nigeria, including the Senate.

“There’s no hiding place for those with a history of corruption or those who have criminality in their DNA. The war on corruption will continue to be waged for as long as some people continue to make corruption an enterprise.”

Credit: The post 'Stop your attack on Buhari'  - Presidency warns Nigerians, Biafra agitators, others' appeared first on DailyGlobeWatch.

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