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Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Should Continue His Biafra Agitation -By Kashiet Mustapha


Nnamdi Kanu Should Continue His Biafra Agitation, If The North Have Somebody Like Him Things Will Be Better – Northern Man, Mustapha

On # NnamdiKanu and # Biafra struggle , Kashiet Mustapha has this to say:
At least he stood up for the voice of his people, if not even all but you can see a considerable lot of the Easterners would love to be on their own country, my question is why not allow them? Is it compulsory to remain as one in Nigeria? and if you watch well politically they’ve not been favored or should I say marginalized? If they don’t know how to play the Nigerian politics so be it but they said they want to be on their own.

What I think should be done here is to organize a referendum both home and abroad for them so that they decide. Please Kanu, continue this fight do not stop but just apply a more diplomatic way, go seek for support from foreign countries.

If the north can have somebody like you to fight the high level of illiteracy and their ways of religious beliefs things will be more better. Allow them be on their own, the constitution allows it and it will even help Nigeria to be serious in surviving and develop on her own resources because right now Nigeria is a condemned country.

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