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The indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) and it's leadership worldwide would like to use this opportunity to inform Biafrans, friends of Biafra, lovers of freedom all over the world and humanity in general, to prepare for the historic annual Biafra Day of Remembrance 2017. On the 30th of May 2017 as is now the tradition, since our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu held the inaugural event at our Cenotaph in Enugu on 30 May 2014, we shall honour the gallant and brave Biafran soldiers that withstood the might of the British sponsored coalition against Biafra between 1967 to 70.

    Our unforgettable heroes and heroines of the class of 67-70 who paid the ultimate price in defence of the dignity of the black race during this British sponsored genocidal war against the people of Biafra, will be remembered and honoured in the finest traditions of IPOB. This annual event for 2017 has been designated a day of prayer, fasting, supplication and introspection.

    This year's event as always will be held on the historically significant 30th of May 2017. We shall also remember all the matyred freedom fighters (IPOB & MASSOB) that fell in pursuit of our liberation from the oppression and tyranny of Nigerian Army, Police, Navy and DSS. We can never forget them and we must always honour them as long as there are Biafrans on the face of the earth. Every victim of unwarranted state sponsored sectarian violence in Nigeria will also be remembered.

    All those that sacrificed their lives in the field of battle and protests that this present generation of Biafrans might live, will be honoured, including the victims of Asaba Massacre. They will be  honoured with a two minute silence immediately the clock strikes 12 Noon on the 30th of May 2017.

    This year will make it the fourth consecutive year the Indigenous People of Biafra have held such event in recognition of the supreme bravery of those who laid down their lives that we may live. The very first event was held in Enugu on May 30th 2014, Aba May 30th 2015 and 30th May 2016 at Nkpor Anambra State where the Nigerian Army, Police, Navy and DSS committed unspeakable crimes against humanity that brought shame to Nigeria before the community of civilised nations around the world.

    Therefore, we expect every man, woman, child and business to observe this great annual event by staying at home and not engaging in any business activity. There will be no movement in Biafraland, both human and vehicular. Biafraland will be shut down completely as a mark of dignified respect to those that sacrificed their lives for us. That is the least we can do to show them and Almighty God Chukwu Okike Abiama that this generation of IPOB and those to come will remain forever indebted to them that gave their lives to stop the elimination of the Biafran race from the face of the earth.

    Special prayers will be offered at Okirika Grammar School in Ijawland the home town of the late Chief Frank Opigo, who through divine inspiration advised the supreme leader and the Commander in Chief of the Biafran Armed Forces Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu that Biafra is our God given name.

    Holy men and women will pray at the ancient and spiritual sites in Arochukwu and Enugu.

    30th May 2017 will be a public holiday of remembrance for the sacrifice our heroes and heroines made for the sacred land of Biafra, therefore we must honour them. There will be no movement throughout Biafraland and every area where a majority of Biafran populations reside both Biafraland and wherever our people lives across the globe will come to a standstill.

    Equally all victims of state sponsored genocide starting from the Jos massacre of Biafrans in 1945 to the most recent Asaba massacre in 2017 at IPOB meeting by the Nigerian Army will all be honoured.

    IPOB shall honour them! Biafra shall honour them!! Humanity must honour them!!!


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