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UK PM Theresa May call for general election


Theresa May is due to make an announcement outside Downing Street at 11.15am. Follow the latest updates here:
    • The IndependentTheresa May has ruled out an early general election, arguing that the country is “only one year into” the current parliament. But with a narrow majority, the incoming Prime Minister may come to regret her decision and change her mind out of necessity.  And yet, she may be constrained by the Fixed Term Parliament Act, which sets the date of the next general election in 2020. Could she call an early general election?
      • 13 minutes ago
        As politicos try to glean any clues on what this announcement is about, some are pointing out that the podium installed outside Number 10 does not bear the Downing Street logo. Some say that could be an indication that Theresa May could be making a party-political announcement, rather than one as the head of government.
        • 16 minutes ago
          Downing Street has released a statement to Sky News saying that the announcement does not relate to the Prime Minister's health, and is lodging a complaint over the broadcaster's reporting.
          • 18 minutes ago
            From the BBC's political editor, who stresses that the report is not confirmed.

            Hearing May will announce General Election for June 8th - one source not confirmed
            • 22 minutes ago
              Dominic Raab, the Conservative MP for Esher and Walton, says he also has no idea what the announcement will be.
              Speaking on Sky News, he added: "I'm not in the business of guessing...the truth is I don't know, we don't know, but we'll find out shortly."
              Chris Leslie, a Labour MP, said the Brexit challenge is "so large" that it should be the government's main focus, rather than an election. 
              "For us in the Labour party, we need to get ourselves battle ready," he added.
              • 28 minutes ago
                Polling for The Independent over the weekend showed the Conservatives 21 points ahead of Labour as Jeremy Corbyn's party continues to languish in polls. Here's the full story:

                Theresa May’s Conservatives are 21 points ahead of Labour in new poll

                The IndependentTheresa May’s Conservatives are 21 points ahead of Labour in a new poll, giving the party their greatest lead while in government since 1983, shortly before Margaret Thatcher’s second victory at the ballot box. The poll, conducted by ComRes for The Independent, gives the Tories 46 per cent of the vote share, 25 per cent for Labour, 11 per cent for Tim Farron’s pro-EU Liberal Democrats and 9 per cent for the embattled Ukip under Paul Nuttall’s leadership.
                • 31 minutes ago
                  The podium is out in front of Downing Street but still no concrete indication of what Theresa May is to announce.
                  As well as the speculation over a general election, other possibilities being floated include increased military intervention in Syria, a resignation, direct rule for Northern Ireland, a Scottish referendum, local elections or the Queen's abdication.

              Please allow a moment for the live blog to load
              The Prime Minister was due to speak outside Downing Street following a cabinet meeting.
              Televised speeches in front of her official residence are usually reserved for major announcements but Number 10 would not confirm what subject Mrs May would address.
              There was unconfirmed speculation she could call a snap general election, although Downing Street has previously denied any vote would be called before the next scheduled poll in 2020.
              A poll conducted for The Independent showed the Conservatives 21 points ahead of Labour on Saturday, as Jeremy Corbyn's party continues to languish in the polls.

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