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30th May Remembrance Day.. Biafra lands busy cities, highways and schools today stand in silence


The Indigenous People of Biafra Sit At Home Order and scores of each State
Anambra. (Exceptional) 100%
Abia ( Exceptional). 100%
Rivers. . (Unrivalled). 100%
Bayelsa (Excellent). 100%...
Cross Rivers. (Excellent). 100%
Akwa Ibom (Overwhelming) 100%
Imo (Intimidatingly). 100%
Enugu (Very Good). 100%
Ebonyi. (Very Good). 100%
Delta. (Exceptional). 100%
Igbanke/Edo. (Very Good). 100%
Igala/Kogi/Benue (very Good) 100%
Idoma/Benue. (Excellent). 100%
Igede/Benue. (Very Good). 100%
Agatu/Benue. (Very Good). 100%
The Biafra Sit At Home 2017 is a resounding success. This was made divinely possible by God of Israel & Biafra. Is there any Referendum more than this? The answer is no.
The international observers and foreign journalists that gave coverage expressed satisfaction and poured encomiums on Biafran Nation.
Referendum not contained in the Nigeria criminal Constitution of 1999 as handed down by baboons in khaki is now Nigeria headache, not that of Biafra again.
The indigenous people of Biafra have eloquently spoken, saying bye bye to Nigeria. A good riddance to a bad rubbish! Long live Biafra, long live Nnamdi Kanu. Long live lovers of freedom all over the World. All hail Biafra!!!

30th May Remembrance Day.. Biafra lands busy cities, highways and schools today stand in silence in honour of the millions who died for freedom. #WeRemember 😔 #TruthWillPrevail
Federal polytechnic, nekede, Owerri Normally busy road in Nekede.
Enugu-Onitsha Express way.

30th May Remembrance Lagos market closed down. No election in Biafra now clearly Biafran's know and love themselves .. now for Yes or No vote.. Yes Biafra No Nigeria #WeRemember #TruthWillPrevail #IPOB #NnamdiKanu

Fly over axis in Aba, both Alaoji ,totally shutdown, Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka for Umuchiukwu Writers reporting.

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