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British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Paul Arkwrigh: What makes you think that the right to self-determination would be wrong for the people of Biafra?


We have decided to forward this mail to enable us appraise His Excellency's speech on the 6th of April, 2017, in respect of His Excellency's unbridled utterances regarding Biafra's freedom and independence. His Excellency's speech summarily vetoes "One Nigeria" and the "indivisibility of Nigeria", as it noted that Nigeria cannot break up under Britain's watch.

Along the line, we would like His Excellency to provide answers to the following questions- questions we would have loved to ask- if we were at the Lokoja gathering: What makes you think that Scotland have right to a referendum? Is it on the basis of colour? Why do you think that Brexit is good for the British people? What makes you think that the right to self-determination would be wrong for  the people of Biafra? Why do you think that you are in a better position to know what is good for the people of Biafra when you are naturally positioned thousands of miles away from us?

You also have to appreciate that your posture in this matter does not only deserve condemnation from the point of view of Biafra's quest for freedom, but bad for mankind. You should be in a better position to appreciate the fact that today's world order can no longer condone 1885 order where 'might is right', when you scrambled over Africa without our consent and did violence to the traditional sovereignty of the Biafran nation.

His Excellency's speech lacked intellectual depth and professionalism as it only targeted at strengthening the Common Wealth where Britain will be king. His Excellency's interest is more of strengthening British atavism towards us because your colonozing us had lost its formal shape and must take a new one. His Excellency deserve to be recalled on the basis of this undemocratic speech. You are acting inconsistently against your own cause of defending democracy as part of your own foreign policy, except for economic selfish interest.

The major problem with the contraption called 'Niger-area' is the hypocrisy of Britain. How many times have you condemned the rampaging of action-riffle-welding Fulani herdsmen maiming and killing inside Biafraland? Is that how animal husbandry is organised in Britain? How many violent Moslem religious riots, following the introduction of Sharia law, in the same polity supposedly governed by English common law, have happened in Britain, even in continental Europe? How many times have you condemned the incessant killings of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, even after Amnesty International had presented to the world forensic evidence buttressing the fact? His Excellency's speech was only targeted at promoting imperialism and dictatorship in Africa. You do not need to be reminded that this is inhuman and must be resisted to any level, and at any cost. What you call Nigeria was built on a very poor foundation; because your exploitation of resources towered above considerations for the peoples of your ex-colonies.
Your ancestors were such poor architects of nationhood and that explains why many of British colonies have either disintegrated or are under intense strain.
Take notice that the generation of Biafrans you are dealing with is ready to take on any challenges on the way of her independence. You can do your best against our interest based on your national interest. But you cannot define the national interest of the Biafran nation.

We must also remind His Excellency that the quest for Biafra's freedom is not about oil and gas. It is about securing orderly polity that will guarantee our common good and great political future for generations to come. We are not pursuing it the same way Britain secured the future of her own people through international diplomatic fraud and criminality in the guise of colonizing us. We stand to prove our point.

Kind Regards,


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