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Biafra Quit notice: Junaid Mohammed has warned that the arrest of the Arewa youths would lead to serious crisis in the region

A Second Republic lawmaker and Northern elder statesman, Junaid Mohammed, has warned that the arrest of any member of the Arewa youths that issued quit notice on Igbos would lead to serious crisis in the region.
He gave the warning when he spoke with Punch yesterday, accusing the Federal Government of demonstrating irresponsibility in its selective handling of the threats from the southern and northern regions of the country.
He said, “The threat to arrest the youth, in my opinion, is not only counter-productive but also inappropriate.
“This is because ideally, with the position of things, every Nigerian has the right to live and conduct their businesses in any part of the country.
“But the Federal Government left their toes behind when they allowed the IPOB, which is being financed by the Igbo political and business elites both in the country and in the Diaspora to be issuing statements freely.
“Therefore , any attempt to arrest Arewa youths will lead to problems. I am resident in Kano State and the last time the Kaduna State Government brought up the issue of arrest, there would have been violence if an attempt to arrest anybody by the police had been made.”

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