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IPOB: Is time for disintegration of Nigeria - PPP National Chairman

National Chairman of the Peoples Progressives Party, PPP, Dr Damian Uzoma Ogbonna, has stated that Nigeria must divide to realize its potentials.
According him, it was only the privileged people who were in top positions that might think otherwise.
He told Sun, “The only way oppression leads to is anarchy or separation.
“When I say oppression that is the obstinacy and lack of discernment of those in power and absolute open antagonism to the debate on restructuring.
“Nigeria is going to be divided whether they like it or not.
“You see, you cannot hold down the liberty and freedom of people forever.
“There comes a time when they have to throw away that yoke. History told us about this, Britain over hundreds of years were on this oppression and ruled over various nations all over the world, they were forced to go.
“The wheel of progressive independence of states moved without much hitch.
“As an independent state Nigeria would also decide to peacefully evolve into confederacy through restructuring so that the various entities can evolve at their own pace.
“Through restructuring, we would remove all that is controlled by the cabal. So the power that dominates the nation has nothing to do with all this things we see.
“So we need to find a way, in case if there is going to be a division in this country, it is going to be a division that would strengthen us and not weaken us.”

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