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Pro-Biafra group has called on Nigeria government to allow a referendum to avert crises

Following the quit notice to the Igbo by a coalition of northern groups, the Biafra Nations Youth League (BNYL) has called on Nigeria government to allow a referendum to avert crises.
Speaking in Ikom, Cross River State, Deputy Leader of BNYL, Comrade Ebuta Ogar Takon, said there was no going back on the issue of Biafra independence.
Takon said though the BNYL was not moved the threats coming from the Arewa youths, he also disassociated BNYL from the peace summit by the Leader of MASSOB, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike with some northern leaders.
BNYL said Biafra independence was not negotiable and it was not to be determined by the Arewa youths. He, however, called on the Federal Government to address the issue of Biafra agitation by conducting a referendum adding that the Arewa youths threat has clearly shown how divided Nigeria truly is.
According to BNYL, the Arewa threats was a big evidence that they were behind the terrorist activities in the North, and mastermind of the Fulani attacks in Enugu and Delta communities “but we are carefully, and would react accordingly”.
“BNYL is appealing to the Igbos and South South people to return and facilitate the struggle for independence.”
Takon said it was a quit notice to the Igbo but it would affect the people from South South as “fire knows not who is Igbo and who is Ekoi”.
BNYL further dismissed statement by some government sponsored groups that the South South is not part of the new Biafra struggle.
“first there is no cardinal point indicating a region called South South or Niger Delta, it is political zone.
Three main river flows from Biafra to the ocean, the Niger River, Cross River and the Imo River and these are where most of our States and sub regions derived their names, the Niger Delta region which is originally limited to the Ijaw by geographical definition derived it’s name from the Niger river and they are rich in oil, Cross River region which is today Akwa-Cross is rich in oil, Ancient Imo region which goes down to Opobo is rich in oil, anyone trying to divide our ranks will fail woefully this time”.
Takon said the BNYL struggle was about the neglect of displaced natives in Bakassi Peninsula, and remnants in ceded towns who were being killed by Cameroon forces whenever they rise up against Cameroon Government for imposing tax on them.
He lamented neglect of the Old Calabar stating that the Akwa Ibom and Cross River states have never benefited from the Niger Delta trainings in Nigeria, “even the beneficiaries after returning from training will remain jobless”,
BNYL said the Ogoni clean up was a scam as the federal government only came to deceive the people.
Meanwhile,  BNYL have disclosed plans to begin referendum campaign in respective communities within the areas covered by the Bight of Biafra as the Organization will officially flag off the campaign proper in Andoni local government Area of Rivers State by first week of July before the various units embark on the said community campaign.

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