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When they say- Nnamdi Kanu is a small boy
-Ask them how old was Gowon, Babangida, Ojukwu, and Nzeogwu. All the early nationalist. Zik & co

When they say they don’t want Referendum
-Ask them to define referendum

When they say we are asking for war
-Ask them  if referendum is equaled to war
Define referendum or them. A referendum is an official vote on a specific issue by the electorate.
In this case, just ask people if they want Biafra or not. Why are they afraid of voting?

If they say why did Kanu tell Anambra people not to vote?
Tell them that Anambra is the first son of Igboland
Tell them that Anambra is home for all
Tell them that Anambra have been voting for over 50 years and nothing to show for it
Tell them that the people we voted for have been killing us. Dancing to the tune of the North.

If they say, Army will take over Anambra. -Tell them it is a fat lie
The Speaker of the House will take over
All over the world Army cannot take over a democratic setting.

If they say you are gullible that you are following Nnamdi Kanu
Tell them to follow whoever they want. Its democracy

If they say, you should go and hold your governors and politicians responsible for your woes and not boycotting elections.
Tell them that one of the tools to hold politicians down and accountable is by not voting
Come 18th Nov. so that they won't see where to go and loot again.

If they say Anambra allocation will be taken away by others
Tell them that it will be kept for Anambra. That is if they will need it.
Ask them, for over 50 years what have the allocation done in the life of an average Anambarian?

If they say KANU is calling for secession, 
Tell them that the very first people to call for a session were the North, followed by the West.

If they say why did we stay at home on the 30th of may
Tell them that you don’t want the zoo police and army to keep killing us
Because when they do nobody says anything.

If they say you don’t think, 
call them great thinkers. What has been able to do for themselves with their great thinking ability? Ask them

If they say that an Igbo man is not a follow follow.  That an Igbo man has a mind of his own.
Remind them that, that is why you don’t want to be slaves to them. You have decided to get out of this contraption called Nigeria.
If they say you were not born during the war, Boldly tell them that your fathers died during the war and your mothers told you who killed them and why.

If they say the Igbos started the killing, remind them that before 1945, they have been killing Igbo's
If they say the first coup was an Igbo coup
Tell them that it was only led by an Igbo from Delta state where they said are not Ibos.
Tell them that the coup plotters killed only 22 but the counter-coup plotters killed over 300 soldiers of Igbo extract in one night. Killed over a million Ibo around Nigeria. Remind them of the pogrom and the massacre in the north. Yes, we didn’t support the first coup, we were not there when they planned it.

If they say, you will kill yourselves when you get Biafra.
ASK then whether Boko Haram is from the east, and who have they been killing?
Ask them if TIV, JOS, AND BENUE are Ibos. Tell them about the communal clash that left people dead and homes burnt in the West- If na IBO man do am. Ask them to bring food and ask ijebu man and egba man to eat together.

If they say you don’t love each other tell them to go back to 30th may 2017.
If they say, Kanu is an illiterate, and all of you Following him are illiterate and gullible fools.
- Ask them if Kanu is not more intelligent than whoever there president is.
-Remind them of the elite and intelligential of Igbo extract who are also in the struggle.

If they say we want to take the oil of Niger Delta
Remind them that we have oil, in ABIA, IMO, AND ANAMBRA. Coal in Enugu.
Tell them that Egbema is in Imo state.

IF they say south south is not Biafra,
-Agree with them. Ask them to mention the names of
people from the south south if is didn’t sound Igbo
-Ask them if jaja os opobo is Igbo.

IF they ask you what Jonathan did for Ndi Igbo
-Tell them that he gave us appointments we didn’t see for over 45 years. He will not do everything for us.He didn’t kill us at head bridge. He

If they say Kanu calls Nigeria zoo
-Ask them who first say that the “monkeys and baboons will be socked with blood if he didn’t win?
- Ask them who is he referring to as  baboons and the monkeys?
-Ask them where you can find these animals apart from the forest.

If they say, there was nothing like Nkanu/Radio Biafra during GEJ's tenure.
-Tell them that it has been there since 2013.
-Remind them that this is not the first time DSS is arresting KANU.
-Tell them that GEJ was most insulted by KANU then any other person.
-Tell them that GEJ ignored him and didn’t listen to him
-Tell them that Buhari wanted to silence him and of course all Igbo's.

If they say RADIO BIAFRA is a pirate radio
-Ask them if BBC Hausa is a Nigerian radio station.
-Arewa radio. Remind them of KUDIRAT RADIO.

If they continue to say it sprang up due to Buhari won the election.
-Ask them when did Boko Haram spring up. Who was their spokes man?

If they say, we want to destabilize the nation...
-Remind them that some people once told Jonathan that they would make the
 Country ungovernable for him and no one arrested them.

 If they say we will be like Somalia,
-Tell them to care for themselves and leave us to die. What is the different btw us with Somalia now?
 When we are killed at random and nobody talks. when we don’t have a say in this country.
-Tell them its better to be killed by your brother than
 being killed by herdsmen

If they say other countries that got independence didn’t boycott elections
-Tell them that India did it. Indians decided one morning and all resigned from British companies.
 And even if they didn’t do it,  it’s our own style. We want to stay at home that day.


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