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History is about to repeat itself like the one of 1966-1970. There is no forgiveness in the Islamic religion. It is either we learn from history or become history others must learn from. Time have passed, new generations emerged and passed as well, but one thing is still a fact, Nigeria is still a bloody country hiding the pains of her people
with smiles and laughter.

Unless you are living under a rock that you must not have heard the ultimatum given to the Igbos in the northern part of the republic of Nigeria to relocate, so long an eviction notice has been announced, we must relocate. One of the traits as announced by one Mr Abdulazeez read, Kaduna declaration:

“The North is tired of the 1914 Amalgamation of Nigeria. We hereby place Nigeria authorities and the entire nation on notice that as from 1st Oct 2017 we shall commence the implementation of visible action to prove to the whole world that we are no longer part of any federal union that should do with Igbos.”

This is a very strong statement indeed. Should Igbos take this lightly? The answer is NO! The reason is that such traits were made by the North in the past and were implemented. Example, before the 2011 election, the North raised treats that they will make the nation ungovernable should Goodluck Jonathan win, and this was carried out because, before the end of 2011 election, 800 southern were massacred
already. Then came the Boko haram insurgency which has not only become
an issue to Nigeria but African as a whole, While approaching 2015 election, Buhari himself threatened that should he lose, It will be bloody, to carry this out came Fulani herdsmen, Buhari won but Fulanis are still terrorizing the southern and south- eastern part, killing them in numbers.

Promises have been made by the northern elites, this is the same group that were behind the threat, hiding behind the Northern youth.  The same assurance were given to us in the 1966/67 pogroms, but what did we get after all the assurances that were given by the then Political elites?  The treats were carried out and our people in the north were massacred in thousands. The first was a mistake but twice is a sin.
In the same vein, they promised to protect us during the military coup, but thousands of men and women were massacred including children and unborn ones, where was the so called protection and assurance, we can no longer pretend to be in Peace and harmony. We have to return home and start a new life. We are Biafrans, we will never lose. After the war in 1970, all Biafrans were given 20 Pounds each irrespective
of the millions we had in our respective accounts yet we still survived and made millions out of it, now we are among the richest.

We cannot keep a deaf ear to their bloody threats, we have to return home and realign ourselves with the God given opportunities in Biafra land.

- Helen daberechi Abel
  Abia Media Team 

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