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BIAFRAN FREEDOM AND DSS FUNNY QUESTION: I was handcuffed and dumped in a confinement, blindfolded and tortured severally


By Cosmos George Oto'Obong

After Nigerian Government / DSS kidnapped me in my apartment in Port Harcourt, on 21st January, 2017, I was handcuffed and dumped in a confinement, blindfolded and tortured severally.

Due to much pressure from my family, IPOB Family and friends around the world accusing DSS of being responsible for my abduction, which DSS continuously denied, I was eventually charged to court by same DSS, on 23rd February, 2017.

DSS and General Buhari didn't show up throughout the Court process, they couldn't defend the “Treason Charge” which they leveled against me, so I was granted unconditional bail on the 12th July, 2017.
“Unlawful gathering to overthrow the government the rest at large.”
Please take note: I was alone in my apartment when the kidnap took place at about 1: am; so where do they manufacture the unlawful gathering from, and where are the once at large because individual cannot commit unlawful gathering or treason.
Here are the significant questions DSS asked me during interrogation:

(1) Show us IPOB Coordinators and leaders?
(2) Why do you keep many books and news papers in your house?
(3) Why do you read many books?
(4) Why do you always write?
(5)Who are your sponsors?
(6) And why do you want to divide Nigeria?

We cannot sit still. It is not right to watch the people being marched to death in exercise of their right to freedom of speech. if we looked on, Biafrans would disappear and with it the national spirit.

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