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Biafrans We must learn from our mistakes!


By Uzoma Ifeanyichukwu 

In 2011, the pro-Biafra community—online and offline-- supported, campaigned, and even took bullets in order to ensure the election of Rochas Okorocha, under a supposed Igbo party-APGA.

We had thought, though naively, that Rochas Okorocha, a product of Pan-Igbo party would engage in our emancipation initiative, serve Igbo interests, as well as be a vehicle for activation of Biafranism within the context of Nigeria’s flawed polity.

But we were dead wrong!

On assuming function at Imo State House, Rochas Okorocha abandoned Igbo advocacy, Biafra nationalism, and joined GAMBARIS in Nigeria to preserve the status quo that puts our people in gross disadvantage. The rest is now history.

We took that as a political miscalculation—being that Rochas Okorocha’s paternity has always been questionable.

We decided not to resign to fate nor give up on our utopian dream of crusading for Biafra within the framework of 1999 ‘’Abubakar’s slave constitution.’’

When the opportunity called again for Anambra gubernatorial election involving Chris Ngige of All Progressive Congress (APC) and Willy Obiano of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in 2013, we mobilised, we campaigned, and ensured that Willy Obiano got elected; presumably to be the arrow-head of Biafra struggle within purview of Nigerian political space.

We misfired again!

To our greatest dismay, cauchemar and nightmare, Willy Obiano turned himself to an anti-Biafra monster that consumed the lives of many of our fervent disciples in Anambra state and its environs.
He killed pro-Biafra agitators with so much relish and sans qualms.

Willy Obiano not only aided and abated the Nigerian state to kill our people he also outlawed all pro-Biafra activities, rallies, and programmes in ANAMBRA STATE.

He became a passionate ’’one Nigerianist’’, an avowed defender of Northern cum Arewa hegemony in Igboland.

The home truth is that, our political leaders cannot salvage our situation in Nigeria.

Once they get elected, they become instant beneficiaries of the oppressive polity.

They may be ‘’Biafranised’’ or ‘’Biafra-minded’’ ab initio, but the 1999 constitution makes every political leader in Nigeria subjected to whims and caprices of whoever is elected at Aso Rock. In Nigeria, every power flows from the center.

The system has inbuilt mechanism that whips any opposition to skewed federation into line.

Abuja controls all the security apparatuses, electoral institutions, and the judicial process, hence making it impossible to rebel against the system—put differently, the center controls all the components units in such a manner that makes internal reforms impossible.

Our political salvation cannot come from participating in this repressive entity.

We cannot be free by cooperating with the oppressors in the name of election.

No amount of political moves will force the feudal North to amend the constitution that makes them the masters of Nigeria—the Lords of the Manor--the special breed/race! The untouchables! The captains of our collective destiny!

Politicking under the shadow of 1999 Constitution is tantamount to validation of slavery!

Our land is already under Fulani conquest—the problem being that many have not yet realised it.
The reason why our Governors smile foolishly to Abuja to thank them whenever they massacre our people mercilessly.

Know it now. Whoever you elect will still be controlled (assuming they let your votes counts) by the Jihadists up North—be they Biafra-minded, ‘Biafranised’’ or not.

That is the reality!

Then what do we do now?

Our only hope lies in civil resistance, civil disobedience, including but not strictly limited to only electoral boycotts.

It worked in the United States during the segregation era, under the political mentorship of Rev. Martin Luther King. It worked in India under the tutelage of Mahatma Ghandi.

Under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s leadership, I have no doubt it would work for us. Power belongs to the masses. Only our will, our resolve, and determination can set us free. Just believe!

We must use the INSTRUMENTALITY of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE to force the Nigerian state to give us date for the referendum. We have got nothing to loose.

Obey the call of electoral boycott OR validate your slavery with your own vote.


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