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Breaking News!!! Abia state governor Okezie Ikpeazu caught in China with millions of Dollars


Abia state governor Okezie Ikpeazu caught in China with millions of Dollars.

Information reaching us now has it  that the Abia state governor is being held in China with millions of dollars in his possession,  it is very clear 
That the acclaimed  shoe factory Okezie Ikpeazu  want to build in Aba is nothing than an elephant project,  rather is  an avenue to launder  and syphon the resources of the state to the outside world the same lifestyle of his predecessors 

As we speak now Okezie Ikpeazu is being held in China  because of the of large sum of money in dollars found with him  and is being interrogated  in China. 

After the Supreme Court ruled in his favor, he need to pay his masters who make sure that he retain his seat   As the governor of the state and China is the perfect place to pay the millions of dollars he was mandated to pay if he  want to retain his seat as a governor .
We call on all the good people of Abia state to hold  Okezie  Ikpeazu  responsible  for syphoning the state fund  out of the country.  He is still in China now trying to cover his mess . 
You can make your enquires to confirm his whereabout . 

We call China government  to make sure this Okezie Ikpeazu faced the law for money laundering in China , do not accept his  immunity because most of these  Nigeria leaders are just in office to loot the state treasury dry.

We wait for Abia state government to make a public statement on this . If they can face the truth.

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  1. Money laundering of politicians should be called heinous crimes against its people and punishabel by death penalty !!!


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