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Biafra: Dangote Linked To The Ozubulu Church Attack Of 6th August


Information reaching IPOB Writers office has revealed that Dangote Group is much connected to the attack of 6th August 2017 on St. Phillips Catholic Church, Ozubulu which left so many worshipers dead and others incapacitated.

The governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano in collaboration with the Commissioner of Police, Garba Umar, had within 3hours come to the conclusion that the attack on the worshippers in the church was a war between drug dealers based in South Africa.

But according to the intelligence reaching IPOB Writers office, "Ozubulu Church attack was organised by Hausa-Fulani,  to revenge the destruction of Dangote office in Onitsha."

It went on to explain that "Sometime late last July 2017, police officers illegally blocked the road opposite the Dangote office in Onitsha to extort money from motorists. Consequentially, due to the illegal actions of these policemen, a trailer lost control and ran over a pregnant woman and her children and they all died on the spot.

 "The police officers who were extorting money from motorists ran into the Dangote office which happened to be located very close to the scene of the incident; this led to youths in the area attacking the police and the facility where they took refuge after their crime.

"The attack on the police and the Dangote Group facility infuriated Hausa-Fulani, they went on to plan and the start of their revenge is what we witnessed in St. Phillips Catholic Church, Ozubulu on Sunday."

The information went on to disclose that "the attackers were chosen from one of the organised terrorist camps, Islamic Centre in Ebonyi state."

It also revealed that "they are also planning to continue this attack in many locations in Biafra land and the targets are in phases. To mention but few in the list are Ogbete main market Enugwu, Aba, Owerri."

Meanwhile, it is understandable that Gov Willie Obiano is seriously pursuing re-election and as a result does not want to jeopardize his re-election bid by disclosing the true nature of the Ozubulu Church attack.

This calls for every Biafran to be more security conscious and always be at alert because most Nigerian politicians of Biafra extraction would do anything including sacrificing the blood of the masses to secure their political positions or advance their political chances in Nigeria.

By Mazi Edozie 
For IPOB Writers
Published by Jonas Rafeal

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