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On the 15th September a rumour had reached Plateau State that Hausa Fulani were being attacked
in Abia State, a rumour orchestrated by Nigerian Government and Army forces to deflect from
the Operation Python realized on the state to massacre IPOB/Biafrans.

The night of the 15th reprisal attacks from Hausa Fulani in relation to the rumours led to the killing of many Biafrans mainly of Igbo heritage, though Christians as a whole are not safe in Plateau State as many indigenes of Plateau were also massacred.

The attacks were rather more planned then a gut reaction to rumours, as the Governor of the State Solomon Lalong imposed a dusk to dawn curfew, to allow for the killings. The restricted movement allowed the police to keep residents in the darkness of what was happening in their home towns, in order to not only curtail the exposure of the killings but to douse ethnic tensions.

On the morning of the 16th September a few Biafrans in Plateau State awoke to discover that over 50 persons had killed in the night, many of the heads removed as is the extremists tradition of which Boko Haram terrorists are well known for, not only to distill fear but its the pre-modern Islamic law currently only used in Saudi Arabia. The Muslim extremists which dominate Northern Nigeria draw not just from the Quran but from the account of Muhammad who is said to have ordered the beheading of six hundred Jewish Males.

The identity of the witness a resident of Plateau State is withheld to protect the sanctity of life, any witness reports of crimes against humanity can be sent to media@ipob.org.

We apologises for the Graphic Images for the International World it seems unreal almost surreal, however it is a normality for many in Nigeria which must be exposed to be wiped out.

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