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Biafra: Another Impending Genocide - the Unmasking of a Paper Tiger


A planned genocide is about to be unleashed in South Eastern Nigeria and the Igbo and in particular their leadership are acting as if all is normal.  The Nigeria President has ordered an intimidating military Show-of-Force in the five (5) states of the South East that constituted Biafra, a state of war against her own people and no one is raising a red flag or questioning this impending action at a time when there is visible and established threat of pogrom against Igbos in Northern Nigeria starting October 1. Is this coincidence or a grand plan to hold the Igbos down when the Arewa madness starts? This is a play with a matchstick in a warehouse of dynamite.  Someone will definitely get hurt and become the rallying cry that will trigger civil unrest and potentially another civil war.

Where are the Igbo leaders or are they waiting for the body count to begin?

1. Where are the Governors of these States who by law and the constitution, are the chief security officers of their various states? What do or did they discuss at the last security meeting with their brigade commanders? Does it mean that they acquiesce to impending slaughter of their people?

2. Where are the elected House and Senate members from Igboland who should be questioning the authority of the President to use the Army against her own people in a State of Peace and in violation of the Nigerian constitution; which is an impeachable offense?

3. Where is the Oha-na-Eze ndi Igbo who should be calling for a massive gathering of the Igbo at every State Capital Stadium in all 5 states of Igboland on the day the operations are supposed to begin to show solidarity and show that we will stand up if necessary in defense of ourselves.

4. Where are the Town and Trade Unions and Igbo based associations who should be pressing Oha na Eze to call for a gathering of all Igbos in opposition to this madness?

5. Where are the NGO’s who should be raising heck in the United Nations to hold the authorizing figures and all Igbo Leaders at present time personally responsible for the eventual outcome of this intentionally orchestrated and impending military disaster?

6. Where are the lawyers in Igboland and other lands of this nation who should have challenged the constitutionality of this impending military action to the Apex Court of the land to get an estoppel to this madness?

Have the Igbo leadership been castrated to the point that cattle being sent to the slaughter offers more resistance to the butcher than they towards their own longevity.  What a shame! What a shame! What a shame! If in 4 days, this madness is allowed to go forward without resistance, it means that the vulnerability of the Igbo due to their selfish individualism have been decoded. The Igbo, “Paper Tigers”, must therefore “never” refer to themselves as the most intelligent people in Africa for their narcissism and collective timidity befuddles the mind.

Dr. Jude Igwemezie

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