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By Russell Bluejack

I heard that the IPOB, an unarmed group agitating for freedom from oppression and forced marriage, is now a "terrorist" group. This is the funniest thing I have heard in years. Are you serious? Do terrorists conduct their activities in the open? Between the peaceful IPOB and the violent Nigerian Army that shot at and killed innocent boys who is the real terrorist?

Well, our beloved people should not panic. This is one frivolous charge that will not stand, considering that Justice Binta Nyako clearly ruled that the IPOB is a legitimate organization. We shall go back to Court to clear this unjust tag on our peace-loving body. The IPOB remains one of the most peaceful agitators for freedom in the world. This terrorism tag coming from the military that have failed to contain Shekau's Boko Haram is a ploy to further kill and decimate the number of Igbo people. You can see the burning hatred the Fulani have for the Igbo.

The world see us as agitators for freedom. Can the judgment of our Fulani-controlled Army be better than that of both the world and the court? This is one jamboree that will fall like a pack of cards when tested for legal admissibility. We are too educated to be unsettled by this cock-and-bull story. Have we struck before? Do terrorists carry out peaceful protests? Do terrorists do nothing when killed by security operatives? Do terrorists hoist their flags and hold rallies where freedom is preached? Are terrorists unarmed? This accusation is indeed laughable, to say the least. Why has the Army stooped so low? This show of force was absent while herdsmen ravaged Agatu. I thought that would have been the appropriate time to stage a CROCODILE DANCE TRAINING in Benue, but we did not see their presence there. How are we even one? Someone should tell me. They always stage a dance only when it concerns the South-South and South-East. Is someone getting the picture?

The way these uniformed men shot at unarmed IPOB youths with ferocity and tenacity made one thing very clear: THE IGBO ARE HATED BY NIGERIA. Yes, that is the truth we must be told. Your governors in the East are mere slaves to the Fulani. I heard Gov. Ikpeazu of Abia State permitted this military invasion of his state. I also heard he cannot control them anymore. Do you see that the governors in the East are slaves? These foolish governors thought whatever agreement they and the Fulani had would be kept. Do they ever learn from history? They are the ones killing the Igbo, not the Fulani, for their consent made this unlawful invasion possible. We always vote in idiots that end up doing the biddings of our enemies.

I heard the South-East Governors met and proscribed the IPOB. Are they not the funniest characters in the world? Who really cares about their meetings? They have been rejected by their people. They that are responsible for this obvious ethnicity cleansing exercise called GENOCIDE cannot speak for their people anymore. The bitter truth is that should the people decide to pick up arms these governors will be their first target. It is that bad, my dear brothers and sisters. Perhaps they wanted the military to intimidate our people, not knowing that the Fulani were looking for an opportunity to kill more Igbo. Shame on them all. Their inveterate lust for power is behind this. Too bad.

Biafrans should remain peaceful. Our activities should be more discreet. We should stop convening noisy gatherings henceforth. We have done enough already. It is time to go into academic activism pending when the international communities respond. This hatred shown to us is enough reason why we must go. God used one of them to expose their nefarious activities to the world. As for those of us that have refused to join forces with the Igbo, you can see what awaits you whenever you clamour for the so-called Niger Delta Republic. They will kill us all as long as we continue to fight alone. When will we learn that our unity is what they fear?
 May the Almighty God in heaven set confusion in the camp of our enemies. May those who derive pleasure in bloodletting kill themselves, eat their own flesh, and drink their own blood through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. I am getting better. Thanks to you all for your prayers. The overwhelming evidence against the Army shall be taken to the UN. Everyone should be calm. This terrorism will end in praise. All hail Biafra!

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