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IPOB: Nnamdi Kanu has vowed not to allow Fulani soldiers harass IPOB extort money from us because they have AK47 assault rifles


The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has vowed not to allow “Hausa, Fulani” soldiers harass people of the South East.

Kanu said this while receiving some members of IPOB who were allegedly attacked by security operatives at Isigate area of Umuahia, the Abia State capital, yesterday.
Some Keke NAPEP drivers had engaged some soldiers at the Isigate area of the state over alleged extortion.

Reacting to the incident, Kanu, who urged his followers not to feel intimidated, said, “It won’t happen under my watch, it won’t happen while I’m alive.”

Kanu urged members of the group not to be intimidated, saying they are in their “father’s land.”

Speaking at his Umuahia residence, the IPOB leader advised his members against giving bribes to soldiers at road blocks.
According to Kanu, “Never be afraid of the enemies of Biafra, that is what I’m teaching you people in IPOB.

“There will be no extortion anymore in Biafra. Yes you were assaulted and injured and because of the pains you went through other people will no longer have to give money to Fulani soldiers anymore.

“We are in our land and they came here to look for trouble, that trouble they are looking for they will find it very soon.

“They came to our land to extort money from us because they have AK47 assault rifles and think they can intimidate us into submission.
“We work from morning till night driving keke NAPEP trying to make ends meet, some of us are graduates driving Keke NAPEP, struggling to live and survive, yet soldier stand at Isi-gate collecting money from us, extorting us and telling us we cannot put on Biafra flag and insignia.

“No idiot can stop us from putting on Biafra insignia. We are IPOB, we don’t look for trouble if you look for our own we will give it back to you.

“Go and tell that thing they brought back called Buhari, he is a cartoon, you only see the back of his head and not his face. They said he was watching football match.

“Don’t allow them to conquer you with fear, they are terrorists who terrorise people. Did soldiers give you money to hold for them? So why are they harassing us for money everyday?

“Go around this town and tell them that we say no to extortion, there is no group more law abiding than IPOB but I don’t want the zoo to make us lawless, they are forcing us to become lawless but we have remained lawful.

“We have more road blocks now because we continue to give them money. The more you give them money the more they come down from Hausa land and mount road blocks.

“In their place Huasa,Fulani does not give money to any soldier. Because of the sacrifice of this ones at Is-gate there will be no more extortion in Igbo land.

“I’m not afraid of them, they are the ones who should be afraid of me because they know what will happen , when IPOB matches the ground shakes.

“We are in our land the land of our ancestors land and somebody is coming from Arewa North with AK47 to harass you in your father’s compound, you are a fool if you allow them to step on you, it won’t happen under my watch, it won’t happen while I’m alive. I can assure you.

“Go out and tell the world that we are IPOB and have no fear before our enemies.”

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