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 President Buhari, I think is high time you leave the Igbo’s and Nnamdi Kanu alone. The Nigeria  Army you deployed to South East is illegal and their action barbaric. The soldiers and Fulani militants disguised as herdsmen you deployed in the south east to bomb market places, churches and other places of worship, raping woman, kidnapping school children and making life unbearable for   the ordinary citizen for no just cause. 
 What have the Jewish of Africa done to you? The Biafra Agitation is non-violent which does not involve arms struggle or even violent protests but the protesters or agitators are simply asking for the right to life and self-determination and finally their right to personal opinion. Furthermore, they are demanding for their right to freedom association and worship as enshrine in the Nigeria constitution  upheld by United Nations human right charter. 
Historically, Biafra have been in existence long before 1914 when Lord Fredrick Lugard amalgamated rather than unite the various peoples of the geopolitical expression called NIGERIA. From that 1914 constitution till date, there has never been a unifying constitution rather the various constitutions have been divisive, exploitative and non-inclusive, for example, the provision of the constitution regarding indigene-ship instead of citizenship, the federal character which promotes mediocrity instead of meritocracy. All these have made the Igbo a foreigner in the so called country called Nigeria. The Arewa youths gave the Igbo’s a deadline to leave Northern Nigeria on or before 1st of October 2017 not minding the number of  Igbo’s killed and property burnt. President Buhari did not deploy military men to the northern states. And why?  Nnamdi Kanu and Igbos are expressing their mix feeling over what is happening in Nigeria and would appreciate to stay on their own not to be identified as Nigerians. What is wrong with that? The government of the people, by the people and for the people requires not one person’s decision alone. Brexit which was done through referendum to leave was amicable done with no intimidation or war. The same with USSR that bifurcated and Cape Verde who have their independence from South Africa.
You cannot be speaking from two sides of the mouth. If you can request for Palestinian self-government in Israel then why can’t you allow Biafra exit. You may succeed in killing Nnamdi Kanu but you will not succeed for the quest or agitation for Biafra. I am sorry but I have to say the truth -  You have no respect and regard to the people you are serving. Did you get approval from the senate before you embark on dastardly and inhuman acts? There is No War ! I remember you once said in your mother tongue “kare jini biri jinni”- “If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.” Wasn’t that a hate speech? Did Ex-president Goodluck Jonathan  arrest  or brutalize you for using such a vulgar simplification of words? We demand our right for self determination as enunciated by the United Nation charter. It is against international law for a seating President to deploy a merciless soldiers/army to armless civilians to annihilate, exterminate and totally wipe off any race from planet earth. We call on the international community to join hands to come to these defenseless civilians and let there be a REFERENDUM among the various people of this country to be or not to be together. The earlier you ask the military to return back to their base and good people to live their life and business the better for you….. By  Goodluck Ndubuisi Iwuchukwu  

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