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By Chijioke Isiokpo
WHEN children ask their father for egg and the father sends them pythons, or scorpions, it portends an omen. I am not the first to make this statement. It is our LORD Jesus Christ who said it first when he asked: “would any of you who are fathers give your son a snake when he asks for fish, (due) or a scorpion when he asks for an egg”? (Freedom) Luk: 11: 11-13.

What would one say about a Father unleashing military might code-named “Operation python dance” OPD, against his unarmed civilian population, (the children) claiming to go for thieves and kidnappers, arrest vehicles without wipers and drivers without licence, as an alibi to provoke these citizens to a fight. He hates them and even attacks them with lies and threats that have embarrassed all.

By the way, what is the sin of the Igbo against Nigeria? Sin (1) the late Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu, an Igbo, headed a coupe de tat in 1966 that killed Ahmadu Bello, regarded as a god by Northerners. His death set off a chain of uncontrolled GENOCIDE that killed over a million Easterners.(expressed mathematically 1=1.5m) Sin (2) The survivors of the genocide ran away to safety; they didn’t wait to be killed, and Sin (3) THE “BIAFRAN REFERENDUM” (sit at home) held on 30th May 2017, evidence of the dreaded Igbo unity, was a 100% success.

This success has brewed the hate actions of the OPD type.   Are they the only group agitating for justice in Nigeria? A loud no! Then why is the name IPOB causing sleeplessness to the so-called Federal government, the father who sends “pythons” to dance before his survivor children?

Is Nigeria saying that persons suffering losses/abuses, deaths, in the business of living together and want to quit must die? Even if Nigeria is a paradise and one desires to walk away, should he die for this? Is the blood of unity not SUUM CUIQUE, (everyone his due?)

People will always be hungry for not only food and drinks, but of higher values like peace, love, freedom, security, justice. These help a people to attain full possible human potentials and progress. IPOB is only asking for equity or freedom; it is lawful. Attacking them with military fury is an attempted genocide. Let’s remember that we are all INDIGENOUS to Nigeria, i.e., bona fide people. The Bight of Biafra in world map confirms that Biafra is INDIGENOUS.

However, the issues in my opinion, are plain human on both sides on the one hand: 1) The North holds the reigns of power; military, police, intelligence, parliament, presidency, civil service, etc., so they will do everything, including genocide to continue to be the lords of the “rich vineyard” called Nigeria.

The IPOB seems to have challenged this monopoly, so they must give way or die. What other nationalities were doing while they grabbed all positions and opportunities is completely baffling; 2) On the other, the Igbo have been lethargic, even while still in “exile” in Nigeria, having failed to fight for their rights in good time, though big and strong enough to survive, fortunately. I don’t know who taught them that an oppressor can be stopped by silence.

They suffered genocide in 1966; losing over a million souls around the country, and a three years savage war immediately following, losing two million souls, and no retribution was made, as is done in other places where such heinous crimes against humanity are committed, Rwanda being an example.

Now the bloodthirsty has branded the IPOB a terrorist group, to flag off the killing spree, accusing them shamelessly of snatching guns from “active soldiers” which ordinarily is an act of brevity. This is to give them another opportunity to embark on genocide a second time.

Let all INDIGENOUS peoples of conscience ARISE NOW and speak out against this murderous inclination of the Army, 51 years after the first genocide. Amazingly, both sides are offsprings of the first war, so no lessons have been learnt.

It’s still about who owns Nigeria. It exposes the government in its HATEFUL haste to deal with the Igbo, now militarily encircled, for challenging their lordship, and bungling along the way in law and constitution and going back to obtain court proclamations against them in retrospect to cover their illegalities.

Agreeably, human conflicts are inevitable, but it shouldn’t be about who owns Nigeria for she belongs to all the indigenous peoples. The Fulani, historically are not indigenous.

It is also a clarion call even on the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, to arise and defend the 100% Christian brothers of the Igbo, the SALT of Nigerian Christianity. Churches in Nigeria may become extinct if the Igbo/Easterners are forced out via injustice and general reticence.

The entire world, except the Northerners, has already condemned this genocide inclination of the Nigerian Armed Forces. I am ashamed that genocide prone Nigeria asked the U.N. to stop the genocide in Myanmar against their Rohingya Moslem minority, while she is in the same business. This makes us Islamic field commanders, defending Islam everywhere.

During the civil war to complete the first genocide, the Biafrans stopped the mission militarily by a higher fighting power, (Biafran victory). Now, all hate actions against IPOB that has shown a higher wisdom by their non-violent stance, emanates from here, and having failed to provoke them to a fight, they falsely branded them terrorists. Even the world powers have refused to accept this wicked branding, but will our recluse nation listen? After the Igbo, which ethnic nationality is next?

The Igbo has the highest population in Nigeria if an honest count is conducted. They have suffered more deaths, pains, and short-changes than other INDIGENOUS peoples, while they have worked by ten by far more than the rest in nation-building. It makes them true Nigerians! It is the LORD’S doing. No one must think of killing them again. Let’s talk it.

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