THE FLAG OF SHAME (Part 2) Biafra History

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I think the most important point of our struggle which number of people tend to miss is the fact that what was known to the world as Nigeria originally was not one country - It never became one country - our colonial experience was different. The North was governed by indirect rule; The South by direct colonial administration. The people of the South could never mix with the people of the North. If a Southerner went to the North, he lived in a reservation, and his children could not go to the same school as the children of the Northerners. He had freedom of movement but only a limited freedom of association. The Southerner in the North was made to feel a stranger to the North. System of law in the North was completely different from the system of law in the South. In the South it was the British type: Western European law with magistrates and judges; in the North, it was the Muslim system of law known as the Sharia Court system, where one was dealt with according to Muslim tradition.

Interview with Cliff Robertson USA, Umuahia December 9, 1968

General C. Odumegwu Ojukwu
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