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Killings in Rustenburg South Africa: What all Media reporters don't want to report/ VIDEO

Killings in Rustenburg South Africa: What all Media reporters don't want to report/ VIDEO

by Arinze Chiukwu Okoye
Following the Hausa-Fulani terrorist joined with Yoruba Cohort in Nigeria and British Govt including their Allies.
They have mapped out People from the Old Eastern Region in Nigeria for TOTAL ETHIC CLEANSING since day one till today.

Its becoming more worst and the government don't want the paid media outlets to report all the killings, raping, torture, attacks, kidnapping, humiliation, deadly virus injections, burning human being live, death by live hanging, life imprisonment, live burial and so on, today in Libya, tomorrow Morocco, next tomorrow China, Malaysia, India, Europe, Saudi Arabia, USA, Egypt and so on.


"UNESCO a part of UNITED NATIONS in 2012 said that IGBO language will be extinct completely in the next 50 to 75 years.

In the contraption called Nigeria Hausa-Fulani/ Yoruba have joined together as British Government instructed them to continue massacring BIAFRAN PEOPLE.

Just start counting only from 1945 till this day, Billions of BIAFRANS have been massacred without any apologies by Hausa-Fulani/ Yoruba/ British Government and their Allies thats why BIAFRANS were scattered all over this THIRD EARTH seeking food to sustain Families/ Loved Ones and for Survival, because the Elders, Lawmakers, Governors, Senate Representatives, Local Counselors, Traditional Rulers, Rich Business Men and Women in BIAFRA LAND have also joined the oppressors to continue killing BIAFRAN Citizens.

This day on 7th January 2018 in Rustenburg South Africa came a Live report that the South African Government is killing Nigerians but we all know that those people are BIAFRANS that are running for their Life.

Stock this in your mindset for now "Any where you heard of any massacre precisely Brown People, know that they're BIAFRANS" but "IPOB" UNDER THE SUPREME LEADERSHIP OF PROPHET NNAMDI KANU ARE HERE TO STOP ALL THIS MESS/ RESTORE OUR DIGNITY AND BEYOND BECAUSE WE'RE ANCIENT PEOPLE.


This is the clip the media rejected to report.
Killings in Rustenburg South Africa: What all Media reporters don't want to report/ VIDEO

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