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"People Behind Benue State Killing And Beyond"

"People Behind Benue State Killing And Beyond"
by Arinze Chiukwu Okoye. As Benue State Indigenous people are on a mass burial for the onslaught of the mayhem and genocidal ETHNIC CLEANSING melted on them by Hausa-Fulani (Miyetti Allah) in the past days, Hausa-Fulani's are still masquerading themselves to return as usual till the completion of  what Uthman Dan Fodio have in his mindset to spread and fully implement Islamic religion in the whole of Nigeria under Sharia Law as Buhari stated clearly on 2001 (I will continue to show open and inside me the total commitment to the sharia movement all over Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari August 27th 2001)
On 2012 Shekau stated clearly that (By Allah, we will not stop fighting untill every Nigerian is living by Sharia law. If you don't abide, we will kill you Boko Haram General Abubakar  Shekau January 27th 2012)

Here are also some of the Cabals behind the massacre round Nigeria melted especially to BIAFRANS and CHRISTIANS in Nigeria÷

Hausa-Fulani is a privileged deadly terrorist association being governed by The terrorist himself  President Muhammadu Buhari the ex genocidalist, hausa-fulani herdsmen (Miyetti Allah) cant't be touch - Mark Adebayo.

Benue State Indigenous populations are mourning their lost loved ones as well as the South-East/ South-South and thereby asking lovers of freedom to come to their aids for things are getting out of hands, literally if this ETHNIC  CLEANSING continuous,  it will then leads to something else ofwhich is not yet to be disclosed.

We learned that is also a call to reduce Africans Population thats why the international cummunities are out of help and have no human Concern at heart, Prince Willian on Friday November 2nd 2017 said that "Africa is rapidly growing human population Prince who is known as Duke of Cambridge said at a gala dinner for the Tusk Trust charity in London"
"The world population needs to be reduced Bill Gates on August 11th 2014"
The question is, why only Africa must they relate to?
This is a call letting Africans know that it's a major arranged ETHNIC CLEANSING both internationally and beyond, however UN, US, EU and are nowhere to be found, Africans have to stand up, defend yourselves and put your houses in order, so as not to be Fatherless, Motherless and defend the Kids which are the future we all hope on. 
Benue people murdered by Hausa-Fulani Herdsmen been conveyed from Benue State University Teaching Hospital Makurdi to venue of the  interdenominational service at IBB Square Makurdi.

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