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By Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha (Abia writers).
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
It is said and believed that it takes few minutes to distinguish between a person of low IQ (intelligence quotient) from geniuses or people of great intellect. To do this, just give them opportunity to speak, at the end, you see them painting themselves black in front of the world.

Recently, a supposed attorney at law, namely, Kenneth Okonkwo, was heard as saying that “Biafra died with the late peoples general, Odumegwu Ojukwu, by that showing and proving to the world that the cerebral matters in his cranium are either expired or not functional. We debunked the flimflam he was trying to feed the gullible ones with. We made it known to the world that Biafra has been in existence prior to the invasion of Biafra land by the white imperialists in the name of colonialism. We have historical evidences and artifacts (art is fact) to prove that beyond every possible doubt be it reasonable or not.

Joe Igbokwe a wannabe Nigerian who is doing everything possible to see that he scores cheap political points, so as to help him get absorbed into the Hausa-Fulani led political activities, said that the peaceful freedom fighting organization, IPOB is worst than the Hausa-Fulani terrorists in the guise of cattle herders.

The questions are; what authority and criteria did he use in his analysis? Why was IPOB not classified among the terrorist organization of the world, which the Fulani herdsmen are part of? Does he know that IPOB, despite being proscribed by the most corrupt court in the world, still has an administrative office in Germany? Does he even know that IPOB has not taken lives before unlike the herdsmen who will go on a killing spree with or without provocation? What are his reasons for making such statements? These questions are begging, and require immediate answers.

The Fulani cattle herders are busy destroying people's lives and properties with impunity, which is infringement on peoples fundamental rights, whereas the IPOB, is aimed at making sure that their right of freedom 0f choice, association is exercised, as enshrined in the UN charter for self determination.

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