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Full Report From The Nigerian Federal High Court Abuja In Ongoing IPOB Hearing

Full Report From The Nigerian Federal High Court Abuja In Ongoing IPOB Hearing
20th February 2018
Arinze Chiukwu Okoye
Today we have experienced another drama from the Nigerian Federal High Court Abuja.
Justice Binta Nyako the presiding Judge last time on quote, ruled that there will be no more adjournment of hearings, hitherto adjourned another hearing as usual.
She couldn't practically rule out any bail application persay, rather persisted that Hon. Barrister Ejiofor will provide his client Prophet Nnamdi Kanu in the next upcoming court.
However, Bright Chimezie was brought in almost at the end of the court hearing, besides, the continuous humiliation and maltreatment melted on him in front of the public was unbearable.
Today's hearing seems horrible for Mazi Benjamin Mmadubugwu to atleast stand up in the court room but he couldn't due to the high extended percentage of his sickness, closely leading to his early grave, still haven't allowed to attend a medical checkup.

Barrister Maxwell Okpara defending IPOB members, after the court hearings report:-
"The Nigerian military was not able to bring Mazi Kanu in today's court hearing, therefore, the judge in her usual pretense and hates reschedules the hearing again to be on 20th/ 21th March 2018 for the separate trial of Benjamin Mmadubugwu and the rest".

"Never the rest, Nigerian media was warned not to report any update concerning today's hearing.
The judge never backpedal in her persistence that in the next court hearing, Mazi Kanu have to be provided".

Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor IPOB´s Leading Council report:-
"On the 28 of March 2018 was detailed to produce my client Nnamdi Kanu, whereas the application was being made for his way about.
Thus I can assure you that the federal high court has no evidence to prosecute any of my clients in the new amended charge coming up on the 20th/ 21th of March 2018 as adjourned".

"Actively i can assure you that this case is not going anywhere.
The Nigerian military knows the secret whereabouts of my client, hereby asked to produce him for they invaded his fathers palace, killed, destroyed, stolen and went off their way which was covered on a LIVE camera including the daily growing pictures of the deadly and annoying incident.
Thereby an evidence is coming up that Mazi Kanu is secretly underground somewhere in the military custody".

"I have presented many facts to the federal high court, while they are asking me to present the people who saw how it all went down during the military invasion in the palace of Nnamdi Kanu and i have, for the matter of the true facts also presented all the facts and figures to the court".

"Then the court now ordered the army to take Benjamin Mmadubugwu to the hospital of his choice, i will later alert the public whether it was carried out or not.
According to the missing case file of my client Mazi Kanu, the court informed me after 48 hours that the case file has been founded".
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Maybe after consulting the British govt on what to do next, Its a total mockery of the Nigerian Judiciary.
Really the Nigerian High Court lacks the judiciary power both within and outside to complete the case of Prophet Nnamdi Kanu, and its a very big slap on all of them, in other words, confusingly now asking Barrister Ejiofor that he should produce his client he haven't seen after the military invasion barely 24 hours Nigerian military announced the commencement of Operation Python Dance II in the South Eastern States.

They're now running away from their law court and we are asking the international communities to continue tagging along so as to view out how Nigeria government under Muhammadu Buhari administration is disrespecting and disgracing Democratic Judiciary as well as themselves.

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