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Outcry Of Biafran Citizens To The World Elites In Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing By Buhari Govt./ Video

Outcry Of Biafran Citizens To The World Elites In Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing By Buhari Govt./ Video
By Arinze Chiukwu Okoye
Updating US ambassador to UN  Nikki Haley.
As the menace of Hausa-Fulani aka Sharia Soldiers planted by president Buhari the Grand patron,
BIAFRA LAND have reached the bloody outcry reporting to the lover of freedom in the World that the Nigerian Presidency are incorporation with Hausa-Fulani sharia soldiers in same mindset to kill, burnt Alive, ripping off pregnant Women their babies from the womb, raping both young and old, humiliating, beheading, steal, kidnapping, torturing, destroying the INDIGENOUS HOMES, place of worships, farms, imprisoning, military blocking the roads, extorting money from BIAFRAN Citizens, if not then will be shot dead, killing becomes openly legalized in a way to keep them in absolute poverty so as to succumb and be islamized.

Now food are going dry, people are searching for water to drink, no more normally going their daily businesses in safety.

Is touching!
Human amenities are totally seized for the people to continue dying of hunger.
Businessmen transporting from state to state are being attacked by Hausa-fulani herdsmen "Sharia Soldiers" and slaughtered just like the evidence of Benin/ Ore express way which happened on 6th February 2018.

Business People coming from the neighbouring countries to buy necessities in BIAFRA LAND are being killed, taking their money and some lucky ones coming are being sent back to their various countries.

Alerting the World that Hausa-fulani herdsmen, the Sharia Soldiers are all over BIAFRA LAND now and are being multiplying daily same as Nigeria military sent by President Buhari himself.

When Hausa-Fulani were being attacked in Benue State and other parts of Nigeria, Pres. Buhari responded immediately, sent full military forces to arrest, kill and imprison and to be rooming round the State till further notice.
But since hausa-fulani were killing, kidnapping, humiliating, beheading, stealing, raping, destroying, slaughtering and doing all kinds of devilish inhumanity against BIAFRANS,
Burning BIAFRANS alive, Kids, Men, Women, pregnant Women burnt and ripped off the kid from her and slaughter.
Know one responded rather the military continue arresting, humiliating, also shooting innocent and unarmed citizens.

As an writing right now Hausa-Fulani Sharia Soldiers will attack BIAFRANS soonest and it will be massive massacre that's why Buratai the army chief commander lunched operation python dance lll which will be deployed to BIAFRA LAND shortly.

Buhari before coming to office said that he will not attack the social media.
Nowadays he commanded to crackdown and crush social media in Nigeria.

Same Buhari let Cameroonian soldiers to enter Nigeria adopt and kill BIAFRANS, what a Jihadist injustice.
The worst part is that Pres. Buhari have bribed almost 97% elites, traditional rulers, lawmakers, senates, house of rep. religious leaders and the got almost other oppositions imprisoned.

Well, revealing Report coming from Fulani man residing in Onitsha Anambra State: "Why we are so much angry for the IGBOS is because they killed the first Buhari,
the second Buhari is not hearing our Language, it is very hard for us to communicate with him"

Another report from Fulani man residing in Delta State said: "Isha allah Delta State belongs to Fulani"
As we ride still, a Fulani man named Mohammed again said, "They have conquered Benue State and must got paid"
What? i asked.
Shocking statement, well is an opened destruction instructed by the jihadist himself, Patron Buhari.

Gowon massacred millions of BIAFRANS nothing was done.
Obasanjo did just same including others, nothing was done by the World elites, let see wether BIAFRANS will get justice this time.

Biafrans are crying tears of blood why is taking the World elites so long to honor the LAWS, save life's of unarmed BIAFRANS and let them decide their future.

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