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The Secret, Joined The Indigenous People Of BIAFRA "IPOB" To Restore Back BIAFRA As A Nation

The Secret, Joined The Indigenous People Of BIAFRA "IPOB" To Restore Back BIAFRA As A Nation
By Arinze Chiukwu Okoye

Join the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA "IPOB" to restore BIAFRA under the Leadership of Prophet Nnamdi Kanu.

Join the online Media platform on tweeting and sending out messages about the "SPIRIT OF BIAFRA" to the World at large.

Support the total freedom of the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA and not restructuring.

Hausa Fulani is a Jihadist Sharia Soldiers set to Islamize BIAFRAN JEWISH/ Christians/ the whole of Nigerian citizens and the pastors are busy collecting bribes, tithes and offerings from the nonentity Civilians whom doesn't know what the Time is saying right now.
Elites/ Traditional rulers/ Lawmakers/ Senators/ House of Assembly/ Rich Business Individuals/ House of Representatives and the Presidency are busy on commendable deals.

Say Know to Colony/ Cattle Colony means "Animal Colonizing Humans"/ Say Know to Grazing Reserved Bill.
Boycott Cow meat as from 1st February 2018.
Boycott every elections in BIAFRA LAND "DON'T VOTE"
Remember you voted in 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015 but still they Killed us that are paying them to Serve us Good/ Impoverished us/ Imprisoned us/ Know Running Water/ Know Good Roads/ Know Electricity this are Infrastructures a Country must achieve but Nigerian Governmental Administration rather Dividing State resources, Looting and Emptying our Treasure.

Yet they are asking you to VOTE again in 2019???
Are you an Animal or Insane???
Have you not check their former Records???
Have you not research whom they are???
Have you not listened to the Alhaji Faruk Adamu and Kunle audio discussion???
Have you not heard about the USA Land mark policy that made the governor of Jigawa State said that the Oil in Niger Delta belong to Jigawa people???
Nigeria is Truly a Hell Fire on Earth created with Lots of mostly BIAFRANS Blood by Lord Frederick Lugard in 1914 and keep BIAFRANS in death raw perpetual Slavery.
BIAFRANS your mumu never do???
Enough is Supposed to be Enough for your information!!!

Buhari have sworn to continue what their forefathers told them in total Islamization of Nigeria with Hausa-Fulani Herdsmen "Sharia Soldiers for your information"
Herdsmen have been Sharia Soldiers of Mohammed/ Urthman Danfodio followed by others since day one till tomorrow.
If they won, they announces/ implant their Emirs and implement full Jihadist Sharia Laws in total subjugation of the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THE LAND.

One Nigeria is Completely a Dead Trap Stock this in your BLOCKED HEAD and keep RESEARCHING for you to know what the Time it is right now in this Third EARTH.
Only BIAFRA can Save you and your unborn Children from being Islamized by those filthy Muslims on your Doorstep.

Conditioned Restructuring because of 2019 presidential election can never help you at all.
The next attack by the Hausa-Fulani Herdsmen Sharia Soldiers Supported by the Yorubas may be your community not my request tho.

Anytime Islam's slow down in their Jihadist Holy War attack, know that they're having another plans to establish Sharia Jihadist attack unless you definitely destroys them.

"It was written Thousands and Thousands of Years back that they have all gathered together to wipe the "JEWISH PEOPLE OUT FROM THE SURFACE OF THIS WORLD PSALM 83,4-8.
The Arab World/ EU Bodies/ UN Bodies/ USA/ Europeans and many others are Supporting ISLAMIC IMPLEMENTATION AGENDAS happening right now in Europe still and beyond and also to repopulate African People at large so as to keep European Supremacy.
They have been funding Hausa-Fulani Herdsmen to continue killing especially the "JEWS".
BIAFRANS, your enemies knows you more than you know yourselves but you don't know your enemies either that's why you are Dumb still Voting your enemies in Power for total Islamization and Extermination of your Tribe entitled "DIVIDE AND RULE METHOD"
Roman Empire's Strategy.
History Keep repeating itself till Tomorrow.

No one knows the real meaning of NIGERIA/
NIGERIA is meaningless for your responses/

Why is it that Africans are answering European names???
Are they not Animals???
Or Animals better than they are???
Why Europeans are not answering Africans name???
Is very hard to see an European Districts/ Streets with African names but in Africa there are lots of Districts/ Streets with European names why???
And why not clean them all off???
Why Africans are copying foreign cultures very fast???
The people they are emulating are rejecting them still why???
Why is it that Europeans are not copying African Traditions very fast why???
Why are Europeans using Africans for experiments???
African Languages and Traditions/ Cultures are now being fading slowly away why???

Why not sit silently alone at night while your head is being lifted up to the Moonlight and go deeply right inside your Soul and Body to think how it all began.
"Think About The Historical Existence Of Your Origin Very Important"
"Think who your Forefathers was"
And beyond.
Awaken your dead Spirits and face the reality before midnight befalls you.

~Historical tip》Open up DEUTERONOMY 28,15-68 and read. Same as LEVITICUS 26,14-39.
Read also LEVITICUS 4.

UNESCO, One of the UN Body sayed that in a short time, just merely short time some of the African Languages/ Traditions/ Cultures will be totally wiped out and be no more!!!

Believe you me BIAFRANS you doesn't know whom you are,
If you know whom you are, you must be the Head and not the Last.
You must stay with no fear before your enemies.
Ever ready because your Root ancestors are very very Powerful indeed.

Never you forget nor go to sleep for your enemies never sleep nor slumber, they're awake day and night.
BIAFRANS please awaken, never sleep nor slumber unless you will be no more just like other Tribes Worldwide, Gipsy Tribe for instance are gone for real.

The big problem is exactly not the Oppressor per-say which is "The President" but the Oppressed which are "The Citizens"
because the Citizens Voted in the President and keep paying him both allowances upon his fraudulent deals.
Why not first of all research the Historical existence of the Presidents Origin/ past records and beyond before any Voting.

Be Warned/》

Acticles Inquiry:
Contact: chikwelugabriel@gmail.com

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