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Why Nigerian military has implemented operation python dance lll only in southeast

Why Nigerian military has implemented operation python dance lll in southeast

by Arinze Chiukwu Okoye
Operation Python Dance III, others will soon come up – Buratai concluded.
Buratai could not made a clear statement on whether the Army would carry out similar exercise in Benue, Taraba and Nasarawa following the ongoing Ethnic Cleansing by Hausa-fulani sharia soldiers in those states.

Because they have occupied Benue State, Taraba and Nasarawa States Buratai ignored those States.

He said: “Well, we are not thinking of any particular situation, we are going to train on general areas which could include that aspect (Benue killings) as well".

“So, definitely, expect Harbin Kunama III; Crocodile Smile III and Egwu Eke Dance III and probably another exercise coming which will be made known at the appropriately time".

Fresh report has it that Hausa-fulani killed/ kicked away and occupied 25 villages in Taraba State.

Why Nigerian military has implemented operation python dance lll in southeast is because the Hausa-fulani sharia soldiers want to embark on a serious massacre precisely in southeast after then head to south south and beyond and the
Nigerian military will be also killing biafrans and protecting Hausa-fulani sharia soldiers.

This is a serious plan to be carried out soonest so as to complete the islamization agenda their forefathers instructed.
That's why Nigerian information minister Lai Mohamed have never lived without lying, he doesn't even care wether captured evidently LIVE, he keep on lying.
Evil have covered their eyes both the British Government that's telling them to do just it that absolutely nothing will happen.

British Government one of the body that established UNITED NATIONS we know that but time shall tell.
Is never a surprise why UN, EU, U.S., EUROPE, ISREAL a part of European body which asked European Government to join Isreal by deporting Africans starting from January to March 2018 after the remaining ones will be force to be deported.

They have joined hands with Hausa-fulani sharia soldiers to kill us in trillion this time that's why they have never responded, say nor do anything in this ongoing ETHIC CLEANSING by Hausa-fulani sharia soldiers, a call for total implementation of Islam in BIAFRA LAND, killing with impunity, Raping, Castigation, Torture, Injustice, Inhuman, Lawlessness, Kidnapping and all devilish activities have become normally the order of the day with impunity in BIAFRA LAND.

6 billion people to be killed in this world ordered by the elite on new world order of depopulation agenda still ongoing follow the to read more:-

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