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Biafran Currency, For Their Original Nominal Values System Has Been Into The Currency Market, Serving As The Legal Tender Till Date

Biafran Currency, For Their Original Nominal Values System Has Been Into The Currency Market, Serving As The Legal Tender Till Date
18th March 2018
Published On GlobalNewsCity
Editor: Arinze Chiukwu Okoye

The rejected NATION has become the Chief Corner Stone Spiritually for decades, it's being honored and currently in existence mightily, respected carefully and cherished by those world elites including those that values and shares her real meaningful nature.
Her currency values are currently rated in a highly level whereas her national human rights and dignity had been denied hypocritically.
Until now her name remains THE GREAT BIAFRA REPUBLIC.

The Biafran currency, despite of not being recognized by some countries when they were issued, the banknotes were afterwards sold currently till today and are now traded among the banknote collectors heavily for their original nominal values system.
The currency spent in the Republic of Biafra 1967 and 1970 has probably entered into the currency market, serving as the legal tender in the market till date.

The first notes denominated in 5 shillings, £1 were introduced on January 29, 1968. A series of coins was issued in 1969, 3 pence, 6 pence, 1 shilling and 2½ shilling coins were minted. In February 1969, a second family of notes was issued consisting of 5 shilling, 10 shilling, £1, £5 and £10 denominations.
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In spite of legally recognizing her fundamental values worldwide, the globe cuts her functions underground and continue to display and profit her common highly graded values.
During 1967 and 1970, the currency was greater than the highest valued currency on this third Earth and is still up to date regardless of a bit minus under a collapsed entity.

{The Dry Bones Must Rise Again To Confront Her Obligations, Is A Promise}

Take a look at some lists of Biafran Currency and Values Currently being sold in the Market today.
eBay | Biafra coins › Category

Biafra Currency for sale on Collectors Corner, The Collectibles Marketplace, where you can buy safely from the world's top ... Seller: Trusted Traditions, Inc. ND (1968) 5/-Shillings from Biafra. Bank of Biafra. Pk 1 and serial numbe...
Bank of Biafra One Pound Note |...
› itm › Bank-of-Biafria...
BIAFRA 1 Pound Banknote World Paper Money UNC Currency Pick p-5a. SPONSORED. BIAFRA 1 Pound… $4.99 ... Have one to sell? Sell now...
Ten Pounds 1969 - 1969
  Ten Pounds 1969
Five Pounds 1969 - 1969
  Five Pounds 1969
Two Pounds 1969 - 1969
  Two Pounds 1969

Crown 1969 - 1969
  Crown 1969
Sixpence 1969 - 1969
  Sixpence 1969
Threepence 1969 - 1969
  Threepence 1969
With that being said, the ongoing Ethnic Cleansing in Biafra Republic at the moment is a planned prejudice unquote, while the administration of the world elites are afraid and less concerned to question the British Government, Nigerian States, Arabic States and other concerned individuals for sponsoring and selling of sophisticated warfare and also concerning the pogrom melted on Biafrans 1966 to 1970 only, in broad day light, due was recorded, but none will be extracted in due time from day 1. 

We knows the British reformation of ICC, UN, COUNCIL'S and CO. for political correctness and protection of the Roman Empire's Charter.
British Government which is the highest terrorist on this planet, the world affairs has hereby becomes frightened to question her fiend advocates.
Why then allows them to get away with whatever? Its unimaginable per say.

They can never hide forever though, "Nowhere To Hide" for the appointed time to give an accounts of their deeds is now.  
Definitely, the British Government and her Nigerian States including others are in an almighty mess.
The British is until date claiming rights on her fiendish complex through political correctness instead of accepting her huge mess and see if it can be cleaned up, if not, gotta tag along still.

Biafra Nation is risen, here to stay with all confidential assurance.
The Indigenous People of Biafra  IPOB is here to restore THE GREAT BIAFRA REPUBLIC forever and there's absolutely nothing anybody can do about it ~ Absolutely Nothing.

Don't Let Anyone Neither Journalists Nor Media Outlets Tell Your Stories.../
Support Biafra Restoration And Be Counted.
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