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Enslavement Of Hausa People Till Further Notice

Enslavement Of Hausa People Till Further Notice
4th March 2018
Published On GlobalNewsCity
Editor: Arinze Chiukwu Okoye
Urthman dan Fodio a Fulani descendant from Asia continent was born in 1751.
He was a slave to the King of Gobir in Hausa Kingdom after being allowed to stay in the Kingdom.
He was pampered, supported and was giving all kinds of humanitarian help to grow healthy.

Joined him to the growing numbers of traveling Islamic scholars through the Hausa Kingdoms in the 1770s and became quite popular in the 1790s.
Originally, dan Fodio's preaching received the support of all the leaderships of Gobir, as his influence increased because of the supports giving by King and leadership of Hausa Kingdom so he began to advocate for self-defense and to be free from slavery by trying to deceive them. "I am sent by Allah to liberate you to life".
He started plotting against the Hausa Kingdom, deceiving his slave mates and other suffering peoples to kill the King of Gobir and take their land. However he started arming his followers, his favor with the leadership decreased. Sarkin Gobir Nafata, the king of Gobir, placed a series of restrictions and laws on dan Fodio's preaching.

Pres. Buhari sponsoring fulani herdsmen with AK-47 arms, Nigeria Police Force PRO Jimoh Moshood Concluded/ Video
In 1801, Sarkin Gobir Yunfa, a former pupil of dan Fodio, replaced Nafata as King of Gobir. However, King Yunfa increased the restrictions and laws on dan Fodio and exiled him from Gobir to the village of Degel for he became evil minded violating all the rules and laws of the land.
Dan Fodio being thrown out from the Kingdom his hatred to Hausa people grows so deadly.
With his few followers he became to invade the minorities of Hausa Kingdom, killing, raping, hanging, beheading, Torturing, slaughtering, rampaging, burning homeland, villages, burning hausa people alive, pregnant women, men, children and old, taking out baby from pregnant women and kill, taking them as slaves and forcing them to fight their own people in torture and hunger, he didn't spear anyone, the land was smelling bloody, he thereby planning a major attack on Gobir Kingdom.
When the King Sarkin Gobir Nafata, the former King of Gobir
heard all his destructions, he regretted that he would have killed him.
"After allowing, supporting and helping dan Fodio to grow healthy in my Kingdom, he betrayed now turns and plot to kill us all, take our land and subject us to slavery".
A crisis developed later in 1803 when King Yunfa attacked and captured many of the followers of a group associated with dan Fodio. King Yunfa then marched the prisoners through Degel, enraging many of dan Fodio's followers that attacked the army, gave them message to deliver to dan Fodio and freed the prisoners.
King Yunfa gave dan Fodio the option of exile before destroying Degel completely, which led to the large-scale conquering of more Hausas as slaves "hijra" all the followers of dan Fodio a community left to Gudu. So many people went with dan Fodio throughout the state that on February 21, 1804, Hausa communities, Kingdoms keep being rampaging, home land burnt and destroy, people forcefully kidnapping to join dan Fodio for the upcoming Jihad war in the whole of Hausa Kingdom, dan Fodio enslaving more large numbers of Hausa indigene with great torture and death.
King of Gobir Yunfa declared war on dan Fodio, to kill him before he deceives all his people and orders serious punishment to anyone joining him.
Several fights arises between the two forces at the Battle of Tsuntua. King Yunfa with his army was victorious and dan Fodio lost large number of men, due the battle did not diminish his forces.
He retaliated by capturing the village of Matankari, enslaved more Hausa indigene with horrifying impunity and torture which he "lied" and told them that he want to safe them from suffering "I am sent by Allah to fight for you and give you life" he said, he therefore commanded multitudes of Hausa people to go to war, because there are very less numbers of Fulani people, which resulted the deadly battle of Tafkin Kwattoa, a major fight between King Yunfa and dan Fodio's forces. A large numbers of Dan Fodio's forces precisely Hausa people were massacred but were able to prevent King Yunfa from advancing on Gunu.
Dan Fodio thus capturing lots of Hausa communities and Kingdoms lying was his instrument of war to Hausa people "I am sent by Allah, I came to set you free from suffering" and convincing larger numbers of people to join his forces, Hausas not knowing that dan Fodio have deadly mindset against them, thereby using them to massacre themselves then will enslave them for eternity.

Dan Fodio only wants their land and enslave them as they did to him the very time he came to Hausa Kingdom, he wasn't counting on humanitarian help and support but totally negative.
In 1805, the majority of Hausa forces of dan Fodio, the jihadists, captured the Hausa Kingdom of Kebbi after lots of deadly and inhumanity blood spills of large number of Hausa people living peacefully.
By 1807, the jihadists had taken over the peaceful people in the states of Katsina and Daura, and the important kingdom of Kano in a deadliest horrifying bloodshed and unlawful impunity. The whole of Hausa Kingdom was smelling blood and fear.
Dan Fodio lies so much that he wanted Hausa Kingdom so warmly, he keep deceiving them daily "I am sent by Allah to liberate you from suffering into life", but in other hands, forcefully beheading, torturing, Hausa indigene till death both men, women, kids, old, he spears know one even pregnant women so that they may fear him and take him as a prophet of Allah.
Followers of dan Fodio declared him to be the "Amir al-Mu'minin", commander of the faithful, and denounced their allegiance to Gobir, that was the fall of Hausa Kingdom. "Trust".
Daily lies of Urthman dan Fodio grows so high following his Hausa forces, he then assembled them and a few numbered Fulani's to lead in jihad against the Hausa-Kingdoms of the north, now Nigeria.

The Hausa forces of Urthman dan Fodio slowly in continuously wipe totally away the Hausa Kingdom in deadliest horror, that's unlawful and unimaginable, not easy to narrate [...] took over more and more of the Hausa kingdoms, capturing Gobir in 1808 and executing King Yunfa with horrific torture after 
raping his wives to death infront of him.
With the capture of Gobir, the jihadists saw that they were part of a wider regional struggle. They continued with battles against a number of Hausa Kingdoms with impunity and lots of Hausa slaves were captured.
The Sokoto Caliphate expanded over the next two years by deadliest horror, killing, destroying, burning villages, raping, thus lots of uncountable devilish activities was melted Hausa people by dan Fodio to achieve his dreams.
The last major expansion of the jihadists was the toppling of the Sayfawa dynasty in 1846 where Hausa peoples blood were pumping like a river.
"Due many articles were hidden"
The war resulted in the creation of the Sokoto Caliphate and no more Hausa Kingdom, headed by Urthman dan Fodio, which became one of the largest states in West Africa in the 19th, populated by Hausa indigene as his slaves.
He now forcefully commans Fulani men to marry Hausa women to create more populations of Fulani's in the land. His success inspired similar jihads in Western Africa.

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