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The Responsible Body For Referendum Doesn't Sell Any Materials, Forms Neither ID Cards, Every Thing Is Free

The Responsible Body For Referendum Doesn't Sell Any Materials, Forms Neither ID Cards, Every Thing Is Free

9th March 2018

Published On GlobalNewsCity
Editor: Arinze Chiukwu Okoye
Nigerian media has come in the continuation of broadcasting on radio stations forcing the Indigenous populations, Biafrans atlarge to literally be reporting up with their voters card for its gotta be carry up and be use for the upcoming Biafran referendum, which is Completely deceitful.

Indigenous People of Biafra, Radio Biafra London and IPOB atlarge have ruled out that Nigerian media had been on a menstruating stocked cycle from onset, inserting negativeness and fraudulent deals mercilessly to enslave more than 80 Million Indigenous Population while the exploit informants are just few individuals embarking on the direction of Hausa-Fulani and British control.

Matter of fact, BBC IGBO media stationed at Lagos State Nigeria was created for total imprisonment and enslavement of Biafrans.
BBC media which played a horrifying roll against Great Biafrans since day one, which was established on 1922 being ruled by Queen ~ Royal govt, the highest terrorist World Affairs are afraid to proscribed, but surely British atlarge will cease in existences when the actual time comes.
"Nigeria Was Built For Britain Not To Go Bankruptcy" British Govt, Deadliest Terrorist World Affairs Is Afraid To Proscribe Till This Day, Built BBC For Media WeaponAsk yourself why those paid up deceitful media's never pointed out any Condemnations by the terrorist govt in place and report with evidential facts and simplify those true figures therein, those evil developments daily melted on the Indigenous People Of Biafra.

Biafran referendum is as free as any other referendum being carried out by other legit countries worldwide.
Totally adhere not to any imbecilic minister neither media outlets nor groups forcing their way in to sell Voters Card nor any forms in place of IPOB referendum card, is once again totally FAKE, completely unacceptable and faulty, however alerting hardcore Biafrans especially The True Pure Blood.

Horrendous pogrom, the worlds highest, had been continuously committing against Biafran Indigene till today and the world elites are totally silence, well, one must ripe whatever he/she had stationed.
"Biafra is the only justification that will make you a human, if not you are an animal" ~ Prophet Nnamdi Kanu on 2014 stated, well indicated for those humans to listen and act actively.
Deputy director of Indigenous People of Biafra "IPOB"
Mazi Uche Mefor Wrote:

Biafrans all over the world and more importantly those in Biafraland that the body responsible for referendum does not sell any forms or ID cards.
If you buy such forms, you are doing so at your own risk.
Please, be advised that no referendum material would be sold, for everything is free.
Remain focused and resolute.

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