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Charge Sheet Nigerian IGP Ibrahim Idris charged 3 Biafran youths to court, in Awka prison under Terrorism Act Laws

Charge Sheet Nigerian IGP Ibrahim Idris charged 3 Biafran youths to court, in Awka prison under Terrorism Act Laws
12th April 2018

Published On GlobalNewsCity
Editor: Arinze Chiukwu Okoye

This is the Charge Sheet with which the Nigerian Inspector General Of Police Ibrahim Idris charged 3 Biafran youths to court and got them remanded in Awka prison under Terrorism Act Laws, starving them to death with torture as they are starving other Biafran Activist in prison round Nigerian States.

The matter was adjourned till the 30th of this month.
And what is their "crime"???

They were found with flag bearing "IPOB".

They killed no one, they attacked no one, their offense according to Nigerian Police was just being in possession of Biafra flags. JUST A FLAG!
This is happening in the same country where Boko Haram and Fulani militants are killing and maiming innocent people with the government protecting, supporting and financing them.

However, thousands of Boko Haram terrorists have been released by the government with millions of Naira reportedly paid them.
Fulani militia has a special army unit protecting its body, the killer herdsmen a.k.a Jihad Soldiers even as I type this, and these are internationally recognized terrorist groups who coincidentally share the same Region and Religion with the President and most of the security Chiefs.

Instead of hunting and prosecuting Boko Haram and Fulani militants, Nigerian government and military are busy forcing out money from poor dying Biafrans, raping, killing, maiming, arresting and unlawfully incarcerating unarmed/peaceful Biafran activists in Biafra land as they have already turned a peaceful land to a war zone.

#Biafrexit remains unshakable.
#Biafra Referendum we completely stand.
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