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By Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo

For Rivers Media (Igweocha Province)

The restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra is becoming a threat to the evil empires in the world.
Biafra the giant of Japan of Africa. Biafra represent Light which the world needs to have absolute peace. You don't fight the children of the most high (Chukwu Okike Abiama) and go unpunished. Karma knows how to fight back.

During the Biafra / Nigeria bitter civil war which last for about 3years (1967-1970); many nations and countries of the world fought against the blessed nation of Biafra in the bid to subjugate her up strings. The world made serious move to exterminate the Great People of Biafra just to occupy their land and also take over her material resources. But they failed because the indigenous people were blessed beyond measures.

Is the world afraid to witness another Japan in (Black Continent) Africa? Is Biafra really a threat to white supremacy in Black Continent (Africa)? A nation of industrialist and commerce. A nation that is known for greatness and brave like lion.

A nation of Republicans in nature. Why is the world fighting so hard to keep the Biafra people down? There is a saying "He who run down his neighbor of the mold also hold himself down" The more you hold them down, you are also holding yourself down because the emergency of the blessed nation of Biafra will create more employment opportunities for everyone. More companies will emerge with secured security for her properties. Many companies which were bankrupted in Nigeria could come back alive in the blessed nation of Biafra. The world at large will know no peace until the blessed nation of Biafra is free.

Biafra the light of the world, the hope of humanity. If the world needs absolute peace; they must come to the rescue of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB). Commentators has this to say; "Africans were created to be economically and politically backward and inferior to other race. This myth world has been shattered had the state Republic of Biafra emerged as an independent nation in Africa. This is because as Chinweizu (2012) has noted, "This Biafran achievement remains an inspirational beacon for the Black world in the 21st century. Is actually shows that if the Black world (African) states are still not industrialized today, the fault is not in us the people, not in the star, not in our race, but in our neocolonialist leader not their chronic misleadership. Biafra would have been another beginning for Africa to recover its past glories after 400years of aggressive slavery and 100years of mild slavery term colonialism in academic and political circles.

Emefiana Ezeani - In Biafra Africa Died "The Diplomatic Plot"

Analysis on slavery...

Slavery has been described by some people as "the single most horrible thing that could happen to a people and humanity.
...In one fell swoop, that single act changed the destroying of a people who built the pyramids, a people who invented hieroglyphics writing, a people who had Pharaoh's(Oparaoha), obas, Ezes who have now been replaced with chiefs,  thief's and honorable looters also murderers as people leaders. The Biafra state was antithetical to his negative development in difference post - Colonial African states.

Given the chance, Biafra would have become a model to other African States. By now the Western discourse and reference to the Blackmans natural inferiority may have been a part of history. In addition to being renowned for its technological progress, Biafra would have also produced an alternative to the western party politics democracy, the practice of which had been leaving apart and destroying many African nation state to this day.


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