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Sen. Abaribe Disclosed, Buhari, IGP & Orders Were In Support Of Herdsmen Killing In The Country, Buhari Totally Incompetent

Sen. Abaribe Disclosed, Buhari, IGP & Orders Were In Support Of Herdsmen Killing In The Country, Buhari Totally Incompetent{Video}
13th April 2018

Published On GlobalNewsCity
Editor: Arinze Chiukwu Okoye

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe of Abia South Senatorial District in the Senate Chamber requesting an answer why President Buhari, IGP and orders were in support of herdsmen killing in the country as they claimed that its being done by the outside invaders.

"I stands on order 43 and be assured that is not about Oil or who owns it.
By the indulgence of the Senates, President Senate, a Senator will make a personal explanations or know questions before the Senate".

"Mr president, few days ago this chamber have discussed the questions of killing allover several states of Nigeria, this chamber discussed also lively hood of Nigerians.
I recalled the matter of Herdsmen and Farmers, 2 explanations were giving by highly ranked personnel of Nigeria".

 Firstly Inspector General Of Police said " this killings is a result of laws being passed by the states", secondly the Defense Minister said " this killings were also as a result of the blocked of the roots through this herders where to move their cattle and we continued to look at all this explanations".

Mr president yesterday in London, The Commander In Chief Of The Arm Forces Of Nigeria and the president of Nigeria said " this killings were as a result of the people trained by the late Gaddafi and so, implying that the people killing Nigerians are invaders from outside of Nigeria, (background personnel answered YES) and if being invaders outside Nigeria, it means now, validating my last point on this floor, when a commander in chief claims that, he can not take control the ongoing killings, why is he then still the Commander In Chief?
why do we still continue to indulge?"
Read Aslo: Arewa logo, label found on the yellowish poisonous drink being Sold By Hausa-Fulani In Biafra Land, Be Warned {Video} "Why do we still continue to indulge, this president that everyone goes along to tell everybody outside this country that he is TOTALLY INCOMPETENT, because is obvious", (background crowd of Arewa personnel shouted him down incidentally that he must not finish instead must apologize to the chamber for the insulting words, now Senator Ahmed Lawan Yobe North Senatorial District concluded by quoting 53.7 which said that is out of order to use offensive and insulting language) Aberibe therefore insisting to complete his statements.

However Nigeria's Senate President Senator Bukola Saraki ordered him for an apology after some few guiding words.

Senator Aberibe then apologize after few words by saying that "he is interpreting the words of the president, further declared that the head of security in Nigeria made several different declarations for the ongoing killings of our citizens and there's" [...] (background crowd of Arewa personnel shouting persistently for him to sit down) Aberibe requesting to finish before Senate President Senator Bukola Saraki rules on the point of order, happy for the apology and requested for his compliance.
NOTE: Abaribe said the facts and figures about whats really going on, President Buhari is ofcourse incompetent ofwhich is UNDERSTANDABLE AND QUITE TRUE.

The North has an undue numerical advantage in every facets of Nigeria's institutions. No genuine change can ever come through the existing democratic institution. Never!! Unless it is the kind of Change that will favor the Arewa North which is still cooking in same pot of soup, obviously hot.
Sadly, this is the same chamber Nigerians are relying on, to give them a truly Restructured States.
They are Completely Screwed Up.

Nigerians MUST Quit Deceiving Themselves Any Further.
One Nigeria Crossed The Rubicon Since 1963 And Remains Irredeemably Cursed, Never To Succeed.
The Only Options are Either An Emergency Peaceful Dissolution Or An Imminent Disgraceful Disintegration.

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