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It's no doubts the Nigerian state has expired since 2014, having attained its 100 years of experimentation to ascertain the cohesiveness and unity of the multi divergent tribes and religions coerced to form the geographical entity. In legal term the geographical contraption called Nigeria is now an illegal entity. It lacks both physical and metaphysical supports and legality for continued existence until the indigenous people/tribes that constitute the country decide again (if at all they earlier reached agreement to coexist as Nigeria), through referendum to continue coexisting. As an illegal entity the country is, it implies that the coerced ethnic groups have rights to pull-out from the union if they want. There is no known law that prohibits the indigenous people that are uninterested in continuing in unity with a country or force-united entity like Nigeria from breaking away after 100 years.

The silence of the constituent tribes (ethnic groups) after the experimental period signifies acceptance of and for continued coexistence with its "handed-in or people-formulated" constitution and policies governing them in the period of the experimentation. It's an echo of all is well, a clear pointer that the people are okay with the political system, economic and developmental policy governing them. It is an acknowledgement of peaceful and contented union even if it doesn't exist.

It is this silence which depicts wellness with our existence in Nigeria that we the Indigenous People of Biafra cannot allow. Nothing is fairly good for all, equally in the country. Some people are suffused with best dividends of democracy: road, water, electricity, sea and dry ports, airport, railway, security, jobs and employment while others live in penury with no sign of government in their land. Some live freely and cannot be convicted for any offense they commit while the other live in fear of being arrested and killed even while they are in their homes and committed no offense. It is obvious Biafrans are not wanted in Nigeria. Nigeria have been killing us with wicked and biased policy since amalgamation. Nigeria has expired and cannot support life and freedom as it is now.

The expected half-life it can span and present viable products as a coalesce-able country has elapsed but no element of unity and oneness can be shown for. The rate of killings, hate, unpatriotism, nepotism, suppression, subjugation in the country are symptoms confirming failure and illegality of the country and, not until the legality is reinstalled by the entirety of the people or the people who want to continue in Nigeria through referendum the spirit/divine hand cannot restore upon it. Things can only get worse in a failed state. The voice of the people is the voice of God. It is not the voice of the people to remain as one any more in Nigeria as it is now and that is why HE withdrew his hand therein and unimaginable calamities began to befall the country.
As an expired and illegal entity, the only wise option which can solve the problems it is facing now is to allow for referendum. Referendum will usher in lasting peace among the remaining tribes which will chose to continue in Nigeria and to Biafrans who will opt to exit. It is an act of wickedness and selfishness that whilst the people no longer want to continue in Nigeria, but ask for referendum, few beneficiaries of the present status quo are hellbent on overshadowing the voice of the people with the self-enriching, political mantra of getting PVC.

Get PVC ready for what when the country has expired? This is most wicked and devilish call ever. There is no legal and metaphysical backing for conducting elections henceforth in Nigeria because the country has ceased to be legal. The people should know this. The only call which stands justified both in the human and spirit world is call for referendum. 
It is contained in the documents Lugard handed over to Nigeria after its creation. What most of the people want is referendum and it must stand.

Anyway, let the ethnicities that make the Nigerian state continue feigning unity and that all is well and show ignorance about their right to self- determination after 100 years of coexistence, even when they are being slaughtered by foreigners from Mali and Chad. Biafrans (ethnicities that make up Biafra) cannot fail to exploit our right to self- determination. Nothing on earth will stop us from exploiting the right of self-determination to either separate or remain in Nigeria with our full rights as human.

Those political gangsters who are only interested in sustaining their office by hoaxing the people into voting and believing the PVC is the answer and the gullible who have assumed job of propagating the illusion are the real problem. But Biafra must be restored this time no matter the political gang up. It is sacrosanct that we must escape this Lugardian creation called Nigeria and there is nothing the terrorists can do about it. There is nothing any man can do about it. When we exit, those ethnic groups feigning satisfaction with the Nigerian system will understand their mistakes. We are fanatic about restoring Biafra and we must restore it.  It's our right. The world will see light in Africa once again when Biafra comes and they will marvel at us.


Written by:
Pete Osinachi
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice -TBRV

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